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We are a platform in the form of a website that connect the ambassadors, business and natural hair community; promoting conversations that inspire, creating opportunities that empower, and supporting spaces that will connect the movement that is challenging the status quo on the definition of beauty.  

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We create and promote spaces that seek to build a community that educates, but also where identity is encouraged, and celebrated. We are to challenge the perception, misinformation and poor representation of natural hair.





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Feed your bibliophilia with Bargain Books

Ever since I could read, I have been obsessed with books. Whenever I received a book as a gift, I would bury my face in it and inhale the pages – okay, truth be told, I still do that to this very day. As...

I am so over buns this winter

Today is the first real overcast day that Cape Town has seen in weeks and I couldn’t be more excited. If you haven’t heard, Cape Town, South Africa is in the midst of the biggest drought in history, so you can pretty much picture...

Get Ready With Us! | Stuck In Them 20 Somethings

Stella’s Hair Routine + The Tea on Pampers Pure!

#FroFriday Spotlight: Amanda Cooke of Cape Town Curly

Another exciting new thing I’ve been working on for A&L: #FroFriday features! We have a #MommyMonday feature, so of course I’ll have one for #FroFriday. I asked Amanda to be… The post #FroFriday Spotlight: Amanda Cooke of Cape Town Curly appeared first on Aisha &...

6 easy steps to natural hair

Making the decision to return to natural (I use the word “return” because we were all born natural) can be one of the most exciting yet daunting experiences in your life. Returning to natural creates an awareness inside of you that no one really...

Chunky Twist Out on Natural Hair | MiniMarley

Let Your Hair Speak with My Natural Hair Care Range – Product Review

My Natural Hair is a local brand developed in South Africa and created for the modern African woman and all hair textures. By Africa for Africa and the world. I first met the founder and woman behind the brand, Catherine Williams at the first Cape Town Natural Hair...

The new clique at Clicks

Before there was a notable change in the focus at Clicks, I would have never associated it with anything natural or anything afro-centric, especially after browsing the 2 shelfs of “ethnic” products they used to have back in 2016. For me, the store was aptly named...

Salon Chair Chat w/ Ravenne | The Curlfriends Series

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