I am finally 1 year post relaxer… I am so excited about this milestone. In this video I share a bit of the journey thus far, I show a clip of my big chop and I do a length check!

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  1. Katleho Mallela says:

    I think it must be such a huge emotional challenge to do “the big chop”! I always say to myself, I will cut my hair and start afresh, but I can never bring myself to doing it! LOL, shem girl ustrong!!! It takes some mental strength yoh! But commend you… Are you planning to keep it natural forever? or?

    Loved the vid!!! 🙂

  2. Mo Life says:

    another durban youtuber…you got yourself a new subbie…pls sub back and lets support each other. great video by the way

  3. Lelethu Nopote says:

    Hey Lungi! I’m always so excited to see South African Youtubers. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your healthy hair journey with us. I just started mine recently and something I’d like to encourage is using 100% natural products. Your hair will definitely thrive best. Check out some South African product brands made especially for your hair type. Don’t know if you’ve heard of ‘Earthy’ or ‘Natmoisture’ or ‘Native Child’ etc. PLEASE do research and share with us.

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