So your excited, you bought your ticket, but your not 100% sure what to expect at the first #myhairstory JHB edition. We know how never wrecking it can be to attend something that you may not know anyone, or where your unsure of the activities.

Chill… We’ve got you! Having successfully pulled off 5 events, we are pretty clued up on the planning- but we must admit we’re pretty nervous too… this is our FIRST JHB event. After responding to the call to host an event in JHB- ses’Fikile!

So what are the 10 things you can expect from #myhairstory JHB

  1. The activities will start on time. We must admit that we love keeping to the schedule- we don’t penalize those who came early, for those you come late, so if African timing is your thing – you’ve been warned. Why is being on time so important you may wonder…
  2. Because their are TONS of prizes up for grabs on the day… We love gifting naturals with products from their favorite brands- this time wont be any different.
  3. You will meet new people. If you’re an introvert, or shy- as most of us are; but somehow still want to make friends, and not sure how to – these events are great because everyone there is looking for the same thing!! Its an awesome place to chat, connect and share your #hairstory
  4. You’re going to learn- bring a clear mind- and a note book!
  5. You’re going to want to buy EVERYTHING… so if you’re on a budget come with just that allowance because, trust us, you will leave BROKE. Everything smells, looks and feels amazing- you’re guaranteed to NEED it all.
  6. You’re going to get hungry- bring a packed lunch, or extra cash for food that will be on sale (again this budget will tap out quickly).
  7. Your going to have great conversations- both with other naturals (or soon to be naturals) but also with yourself. There’s something about listening to other people talk that makes you think about things differently- introspection… We’re calling it a conversation with your self.
  8. The kids are gonna have fun. Bring them along- we know how stressful it can be to find child minders on a Saturday afternoon… we’ve got you!
  9. We’re going to be over friendly- there is no two ways about this one- we want to make your day and will do what we can to do so, and lastly,
  10. You’re going to have fun! Whether its in the photo booth or during the conversations, bring your smile and laughter with you…

Nyaki Tshabangu

An aspiring visionary with an ornate love of natural hair plants, hand luggage traveling, and podcasts

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