I’ve had a few questions about which products I use to keep my hair soft and hydrated. Now I have 4c hair, my hair used to be VERY hair to manage. I now use Design Essentials range of Natural products to keep my hair clean and hydrated. Watch this WashDay Routine to find out how!

Find all the products you need on the Design Essentials website:
SA: http://www.dehair.co.za/
US & UK: https://designessentials.com/

Design Essentials Natural products also available at Clicks Stores in SA and Botswana.
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Hi, I’m Kopano Mocwane. I’m 26 years and i currently live in Johannesburg South Africa. I am the founder and Managing Director of a digital marketing agency called TKBC Agency.

I”m in love with social media, the art of entrepreneurship and all things awesome about being awesome.

I’m all about travelling, adventure, social media and success, please join me on my journey to awesomeness.

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  1. Nosipho Mhlanga says:

    Loved the video Kopano ???. My curly days are over though, I just felt that it wasn’t worth the pain and work ???.

  2. Silvia Dwomoh says:

    really nice wash routine and i thank you for sharing πŸ™‚ haha your hair… we all know how wash day looks like for us..! Hey I filmed mine as well few weeks ago so i do have mine up! thanks for sharing love ^_^ new subscriber for sure!!

  3. Yolz Channel says:

    4c hair can really be a struggle sometimes but it’s certainly worth putting in the time and effort to make keep it soft, manageable and beautiful! I Absolutely enjoyed this video and those tips hunie!

  4. Isa IsaLee says:

    very refreshing to see videos on YouTube with your hair type. I really like this video. Great tip about the hair food. Are you from South Africa by any chance? I’m trying to place your accent.

  5. Ari Elle says:

    “one eternity later” ??????. great video! have me motivation to really pamper my hair later today. I need to try wearing bantu knots out casually.

  6. Tasha says:

    watching your videos made me realize that i dont have patience with my natural hair and for that reason it has been suffering. you just have to do what works instead of getting frustrated and looking for an easy eay out. thanks for this!

  7. aisha brown says:

    You are going to go very far within the youtube community God willing. your Very honest and i love your videos on natural hair <3

  8. # Queen says:

    Where have you been all this time?!?!? I did the big chop and our hair is 4c and it’s the same length! You don’t know how happy I am ??

  9. ausafrikbabe says:

    Yebo sisi! This is my exact hair type ! I’ve been searching the net for this & although i have found some similar textures this is my exact hair texture. So glad i found your channel πŸ™‚ x

  10. Aoby .N says:

    wow Kopano you have made things easier for me girl. i used to blowdry *hides my hair after wash and i did not style it and trust me the next morning is a problem when im preparing myself to go to school

    you saved me and thank you

  11. optimisticrealism x says:

    haha comment of the day for me..don’t worry bout shrinkage -it’s a sign of good hair lol..you made me smile

  12. Bizz says:

    I’m a 4C and use to do all on the vidoe but after a while it jusy got too much forvmy arms. So i found a good salon, take my own products and instruct them what to do.

  13. Sharon Rose says:

    I’m thinking about going natural soon….it’s nice to finally see a video on how to take care of short 4c hair….thank you for sharing….wish me luck with my big chop….subscribed

  14. Natsecrets says:

    Hi Kopano. I love your page. I was wondering if my South African sisters have joined the ChΓ©bΓ© Powder ritual that is hot in the market? I have a supply of chebe powder if you want to try it in your channel.

  15. Gladness Manana says:

    Super excited to have discovered your channel. I use the exact same products! Can’t wait to see more of your videos πŸ™‚

  16. Tina M. says:

    If you rinse the deep conditioner out with cool water it closes the cuticle, so when you moisturize after youre just creating buildup due to the products not penetrating your hair cuticles.

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