Hey boos,

I’ve been rocking my natural hair for just over 1 year now and I have enjoyed every minuteof it! This video shows my hair progession over the year. I hope you enjoy it and here’s to many more years of natural hair!


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  1. Maxine Phoenix says:

    ahhh this was so lovely! Love seeing your hair flourishing, can’t believe we have (almost) the same big chop anniversary hehe


  2. nqobile nzimande says:

    your hair grows so quickly. I’m only 8months in and I feel like relaxing it because it’s so course and thick. lovely hair it looks so soft.

  3. Wada's World says:

    Wow! I love this. It reminds me of when I did my “big chop” last year. Time flies hey! Your hair has grown out so beautifully ❤️️

  4. Yolz Channel says:

    Aaaww! What a beautiful Journey Lungi! Yay!!! Your hair has grown and it looks thicker than when you big chopped! Love it!

  5. Therra Tasha I ZA says:

    Yaaaass another SA naturalista, nice journey. I also have a hair journey video (3 and a half years :D) on my channel, have a look when you have some time 🙂

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