Hey guys, hope you are all well. I’ve been AWOL. A lot has been going on in my life the last few months which I’ll do a video about so I’ll be posting infrequently probably till year end as I adjust to my new schedule.

Here’s a video I shot a while back about how to stretch my hair without heat, using satin ribbons. i prefer to also trim my hair when stretched as I had to after this.
What’s your favourtie way to stretch your hair?

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******music used in video is not mine*****

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  1. About My Fro says:

    That is why I use rubber thread to thread my hair – it doesn’t tangle, dry out or break my hair… and is more affordable than a satin ribbon. Your videos are always clear and well explained. Thank you for sharing ?

  2. hahaha70263 says:

    OMG! Such beautiful, healthy looking hair. Fit for an African queen!
    I’m just a black guy (Jamaican) that loves seeing black/SSA women embrace their natural hair. Keep it up and rock that fro!

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