Hey guys, so in the quest to fine tune my detangling process, I took the plunge and purchased the tangle teezer. Here’s the results from my last wash day.
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  1. Silvia Dwomoh says:

    Detangling ahhhh my dear detangling time ?!! Nice one dear! I do have a type of tangle teaser .. it’s helpful in time of trouble ?!

  2. Being Natural says:

    Detangling has also been the biggest hurdle in my natural hair journey too. Its so time consuming so I feel your pain. They’ve now made a tangle teezer specifically for thick curly/afro hair. Its the maroon one and called the thick and curly. I have that one. You can find it in Clicks. I’ve only used it a few times but so far it super gentle and really does cut down the detangling time. The millions of teeth on it still make me weary of what it might do in the long run though….Question: how long does it typically take you detangle your hair? If you are interested in trying a ‘denman- like’, you can get one from the body shop for around R120. Its the bamboo styling hair brush.

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