Hi guys, in this video, I’ll show you part 2 of my wash day routine. Once my hair is detangled, I do a hot oil treatment.
Some Benefits of the oils I use

Olive oil: helps relieve dandruff, smoothen hair strands, add ,moisture to hair,softens hair.
Avocado oil: moisturizes dry, brittle hair; humectant, strengthens and conditions the hair, helps soothe and itchy scalp…
JBCO: promotes hair growth, moisturizes scalp, aids in thickening hair, decreases frizz
Coconut oil: helps moisturize hair, remove build up on scalp, reduce split ends, aids with detangling
Peppermint oil: stimulates hair growth, moisturizes hair, reduces hair loss and dry scalp
Tea tree oil: antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, stimulates hair growth, relieves a dry scalp and dandruff,

You can watch part 1 of the wash day series here:
Part 1: How I Detangle My Afro: https://youtu.be/qXxFKN-B42A

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  1. TaMekka LaChonne says:

    Great video let’s support each other I have subbed hope you can sub back and be friends I love hot oil treatments because my scalp is very dry so I need it I recommend this to my clients tfs sweetheart

  2. Leia Leia says:

    i love do oil treatment with olive oil my hair gets so soft and easy to detangle and i also use to heat my diy protein treatment that works really good on my hair

  3. Deekaay Bright says:

    I definitely Liked & Subbed! Hope you can also return the love! But yeah continue with your awesome videos! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Arianna Leggs says:

    Is this correct because I think I’m getting confused lol:

    1) detangle hair

    2) hot oil treatment ( 1 hour) without sitting under dryer ( not sure if you washed this out or just with warm water)

    3) use apple cider vinegar and something that started with a B ( leave in for 30minutes, rinse only with warm water)

    4) deep condition

    5) wash hair

  5. vivienne sally says:

    I love hot oil treatments… It has really helped my hair… I use palm kernel, avocado oil, castor oil and moringa oil

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