It’s been graduation season for a young while now and with my own graduation coming up near month end – hey! Throws hands up – I’ve been racking my brain in terms of how I will style my hair. I only just received confirmation of my graduation date within the last week of April and considering that it’s pretty much winter now, I initially wanted to put this hair in hibernation as soon as possible.

But then my plans had to change and this is why: for as long as I have been natural I’ve always wanted to rock my hair at my graduation. It’s important for me to do so because I don’t want to look back five to ten years from now and regret having hidden my hair when the opportunity to have it otherwise was there. The problem, however, is that it’s winter and I’m not about to wear my hair out in all its glory. But thanks to Pinterest (is it not the best???) I found a few styles I loved, some of which I’m considering, and I wanted to share for those who may be in the same boat as me.
These styles are easy to replicate as well, the idea is to make sure the top half of your hair lies flat so that you can still wear your graduation cap right on top without any hiccups (what you do with the lower half of your hair is simply up to you)…and the great thing about them is that you don’t have to sacrifice the cold winter air for a gorgeous look.

Source: Instagram – @sashabasha2

Source: Instagram – @katahlia_blue

Source: Instagram – @flawlesshairstyle

Source: Instagram – @bombshell_lay

Source: Instagram – @93gabrielle_gyamerah
So there you have it – five beautiful styles you can rock at your graduation. Simple? Check! Absolutely stunning? Check! Which one is your favourite?