Hi hunies! Here are the 5 things that helped my relaxed hair to flourish and grow from EAR Length to BRA STRAP Length. LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

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Please remember that healthy is far better than simply having long stringy hair ! So always aim for HEALTH over LENGTH!

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Thank you so so much for watching! Love you Guys soooo much! MWAAAHHHHHH!!!
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  1. Love Peete says:

    You’re so pretty though… I recently did the BC and my hair was about to reach BSL. Then I kept watching your videos and I was inspired to go natural hahaha. I’m still getting used to having short hair… Big ups to your channel, we love it and you have our full support!!!

  2. Lindiwe Mapheelle says:

    how did you air dry your relaxed hair given that I am trying to avoid heat now and man its hard cause them roots girl

  3. Naledi Mallela says:

    I’m glad you actually spoke about relaxed hair. The thing is, many people on YouTube, speak about natural hair, and frankly I cant relate because I have long RELAXED hair,so this was great to watch! I really enjoyed that, and learnt some great tips!!!

    MORE VIDEOS FOR RELAXED HAIR GIRLS!! So how do I get my hair straight without putting any heat on it after a wash day….? We need to know!

    Enjoyed this video!


    Kat from BCSA

  4. Giggles says:

    I like the fact that you are providing tips for relaxed hair even though you are now natural. This is awesome and very positive. Thank you! I’ve been both and I appreciate this!

  5. Silvia Dwomoh says:

    This is a really good video with some great tips!!! wish i could grow my relaxed hair back then but i must say im getting there with my natural hair! yay! i also shared some few simple things that helped me grow mine πŸ˜€

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