Hey there curlies!

Natural hair is beautiful and requires effort on our part to flourish. So, I hope you find these tips helpful.   

Avoid products with mineral oil, or sulphates in them as they can be very drying.

DO – try to invest in products with  natural ingredients. Using natural products means you know exactly what you are putting on your head, so no more reading long lists of ingredients.
Use  a good water based moisturiser or leave-in conditioner to hydrate your hair.
 Seal your ends with a natural oil, or shea butter to keep in the moisture.


  • Deep condition weekly. A moisturizing deep conditioner will help prevent breakage, moisturize your hair and strengthen your new growth.
  • Protect your hair by staying away from heat and manipulation as much as possible. Protect your ends of your hair by doing styles that don’t expose them. Do not do styles that pull your hair tightly because this will result in hair loss.  Try doing loose buns and twists.
  •  If you choose to do protective hairstyles – remember to take care of your hair and scalp underneath and do not to leave them in for too long.
 Never comb hair dry! The best method of combing hair is when wet or damp, and loaded with conditioner.
  • Henna  applications are a great, it’s a natural way to strengthen and thicken up your hair. Try it you won’t be sorry. 

Extra care is needed for your natural hair at night. So, sleep with a hair bonnet or on a satin pillow.

I hope you found this post helpful, remember to keep it simple always. Cheers to a Happy Hair Journey!

Until next time
Stay Natural –  Stay Magical
Xo Xo Marlene Louw

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