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  1. Thandi80 Mtungwa says:

    Braggs apple cider is R150 at deschem. ..but I used life style food unfiltered ACV. … cost R22. ….yes it contains the “Mother”…….it to use Avc for hair, weight loss even for skin. …????

  2. sinazo mangxola says:

    Thanks for the upload Sino. I actually just started using acv as a toner 3 days ago, been seeing a lot of good reviews about it and decided to try it out. I haven’t seen results as yet but my mother says there’s a huge difference on my skin. Looking forward to using it on my natural hair as well.

  3. Lushgirl Mantanga says:

    Also drinking it in the morning,been on it for two weeks,my sleeping patterns have changed drastically,like I sleep like a baby. No more bloating,tummy looks good. bought it at Dischem its cheaper than clicks. Will try itΒ  for my hair and as a toner and see πŸ™‚ Thanks Sino

  4. Qenehelo Mahamo says:

    i have also been using apple cider vinegar… i i love it with water, especially when i feel some type of way in my stomach i drink the solution, also i am trying to use it to lighten my elbows, they are too dark.

  5. sivhada vhukhudo eldah says:

    It does work ❀️❀️❀️?? I love it, I use it for hair,skin (for acne) and weight loss❀️❀️❀️??it even removes dark spot in my face

  6. Nozipho gumede says:

    I just use ACV from pick n pay and it cheaper , mix it with water when using . It does the cleasing job and my hair stays soft

  7. jay99754 says:

    For the hair you use it after shampoo and conditioning? always been undecided on whether to use it before or after shampoo to balance PH. never heard of using it after conditioning though. Not sure what my question is but does it not reverse the conditioning process?

  8. Sharone Msanzikwa says:

    I use the one from nature’s choice from dischem (22 bucks) and it is raw and unfiltered (contains the mother). I also use it to cleanse my hair, as a toner and I drink it everyday before bed and sometimes in the morning

  9. Olwethu Yekela says:

    Will definitely try drinking taking a spoon of it in the mornings – bought mine izolo and used it for my face as well as hair, thanks for the upload

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