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  1. Game Nthubekhi Makondo says:

    Your hair is beautiful. Not Darla I am not natural but your hair is giving me some FOMO. I never thought I would go natural coz I think it’s a lot of work.. I have been thinking of cutting my hair and starting to grow my hair again.. now I am considering being natural.. the hairstyle is popping

  2. Penelope Ndlovu says:

    @7: 22 and that headache strikes you so bad that you literally want to cry, but you can’t take it down because you are during the people and you have to stay pretty 🙁

  3. itsyourgirl zee says:

    Lo nyaka 15k at least! I love the puff? I can’t wait till my hair grows, it’s still like boy short! ?Oh and congratulations nontombi

  4. Anita roji Anie says:

    The hair do looks easy, I’ll definitely try it out, I failed badly on the wash and go curly one, my hair just shrinks to a point of a short hair, like its been cut. Also can you people do a tutorial on the stretched look, like the one you did when you once attended a Nedbank event. I’d like to see how you stretch your hair to the fullest.

  5. Boitumelo Nkabinde says:

    So obsessed with your content. Growing my natural hair now and love love spraying water on my hair.
    Thank you so much these videos ♥️

  6. Thandi80 Mtungwa says:

    I would like to ask how many times must I wash my hair weekly. ….I usually spray my hair everyday with water mixed with a conditioner this is my everyday routine. ….then I seal the moisture with natural oil. ….I try to trim my hair after 4 months…..I love your makeup so flawless and natural and those curls sis super si natural sonke ????

  7. Thina Mrwebi says:

    Sino i love your hair so much???. I love a chatty video more than those with music because sometimes the music is loud and disturbing

  8. Charmaine Sayi says:

    New subbie… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?? I’m in love with you already babes #SiNatural lonaaaaaa??????

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