Hey, hey! As promised. Here are the winners. I did the draw on camera so that there’s some transparency and fairness to it. Besides, my friends were barred from this competition, not that I would pick them unfairly, I ‘m much better than that. But just to put it out there that anyone who entered the giveaway had a fair chance of winning with no doubt.

So happy I’ve now gone six years since my last relaxer. Yeah. For those who don’t know yet, my last relaxer was the 8th of January 2011. What a journey, what a journey is all I can say for now. More details in my hair update post coming soon. There’s so much I want to share with you and it this time thing that just doesn’t want to come on my side. What can I say. Will try harder and bring all that content to you. Follow me on Instagram and twitter [@ruthmafupa] for more up to date posts.

Did you watch the video already? You did? Oh cool. Thank you so much for watching. If you haven’t, go ahead and watch it. You are the reason I do this. So thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Don’t forget that a smile is contagious, laughter is the best medicine and love is kind. Do more of that. Till next time God bless.

(The products for this giveaway were provided by Head and Shoulders Africa who are the sponsors of this post)

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