Thanks to the beautiful people at Beauty Bulletin and Tresemme SA for sending me the Tresemme Botanique Shampoo and Conditioner.

Have you tried the old Tresemme Natural range, please comment down below if you have.

I liked how my hair felt after washing it with the Tresemme Botanique shampoo and conditioner. I’m not a big fan of the shampoo but I think that I might use their conditioner again. The products are very affordable and make the hair feel silky and moisturised.

Look out for the full written review on my blog!

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  1. Truly Maven says:

    Thanks for sharing love! Glad you did a review on this shampoo and conditioner I was real skeptical because I didn’t know it would give me slip for my 4a-4b hair.. I differently gotta keep it up now☺️

  2. Yolz Channel says:

    Aaww! Thanks for the review babe…I felt the same way about the shampoo actually hey. The conditioner gave me the slip I needed to detangle thoroughly but like you said…it works like the averages condition hey.

  3. LifeasKen says:

    I am using the conditioner (not the one in this video but the same brand) and it really makes my hair soft and easy to manage.

  4. Pabi's Diary says:

    “This Tresemme bottle TOLD me to leave the conditioner for only 2 to 3 minutes, not overnight, not for 30 minutes, not for the whole day” Lol! Loved that! Thanks for the thorough and informative review!

  5. Tondani Makwarela says:

    Sooo Shea Moisture has landed in SA (saw it in clicks, sandton) can you pleaaaase do I review on it (: specifically the deep conditioner ❤️

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