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How To Wear 3B-4C Textured Weaves

Why Natural Hair Extensions Are Dope: One word, versatility!  Natural hair extensions are now offered in coil patterns ranging from loose wavy to kinky curly (or if your down with natural hair terms, 3B-4C).  Most 100% virgin natural hair extensions can be purchased in the form of machine wefts, wigs, closures, and clip-ins.  Happily allowing natural …

Product Review: Dark and Lovely ® Au-Naturale

______________________________________________________________________ This is a sponsored product review.  I did not purchase these products with my own money. ________________________________________________________ I waited a very long time for this product to reach South Africa. I’m happy to announce that it not only came, but it was re-formulated with the Southern African hair in mind. Dark and Lovely has …

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