Hey Gorgeouses!!!

Welcome to my tea party for one. I was inspired to do something a little different this time round, provide some entertainment along with an informative tutorial. This video not only has my 5 steps for going from Bantu Knots to an Awesome Twist-out but it also shows my journey from a boring bedroom laptop day, to a cut tea party for one.

I’ve tried twist outs a number of times before this and they always seemed to get fluffy and frizzy. Twist-outs with thick 2-strand twists are hard to achieve with my type of hair. It often ends up stretched with no real curl pattern. This time round, I managed to keep the curls from the bantu knots and get a cute little fro too!

I used less words in my tutorial today, let me know if you prefer it this way.

Thank you so much for watching!

Later Beautiful πŸ˜‰

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Hi, I’m Kopano Mocwane. I’m 26 years and i currently live in Johannesburg South Africa. I am the founder and Managing Director of a digital marketing agency called TKBC Agency.

I”m in love with social media, the art of entrepreneurship and all things awesome about being awesome.

I’m all about traveling, adventure, social media and success, please join me on my journey to awesomeness.

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  1. londeey says:

    I enjoy watching all your videos your hair is beautiful and healthy the tips are very helpful hence I always pass them on to the people around me πŸ™‚

  2. Life With Tshego says:

    I want to just rock my knots to work one day. Also realised that I work the opposite direction. I started with the hair and then make-up. The scalp massage trick is key mos

  3. Amanda says:

    Not sure if I missed it, but what products did you use when you were twisting your hair and doing the Bantu Knots? I understand that you used JBCO afterwards, but what did you use BEFORE?
    It turned out really beautiful by the way ?

  4. Onalenna Alicia-Angel Mogola says:

    I have only known u for a few day but ur already my fav SA youtuber?….i luv the fact that u fav yr own style. ….i lv no vedio without selfies???

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