A while ago I did a post introducing Beauty on TApp –  the-south-african-beauty-on-tapp-app and its great that they have added another facet to their brand – an ONLINE ONE STOP SHOP..

They have also lovingly sponsored this post which is just to let you know that you have more purchasing options – more hair options – right here in SA. (all wording is my own (o: – love when I get room to be a little creative with a sponsor).

There are some really great local hair brands that are available on their online store so – for example – if you are looking for nourishing products to help get rid of your dry hair – you will find them all nicely listed and ready to purchase at http://shopbeautyontapp.co.za/
Brands currently available:

  • African Black Castor Oil
  • Akan Organics
  • Suki Suki
  • O’Natural Wigs
  • Moriri By Lesedi Wigs
  • T444Z
  • Taji

I like how they have grouped the products according to the varying issues us women face especially when it comes to hair. For example: Dry Hair or Hair Growth if you use the selection option in the very top bar, you can shop according to your need/requirement/solution. There is even a grouping for kids and their hair under the Kids Corner.

I also love that the site is not just about hair but has offerings for SKIN, MAKEUP, JEWELRY and GIFT CARDS. Don’t be surprised not to find any product listed as yet – the site is still new and still growing so keep coming back and checking whats on offer. You can see Beauty On TApp’s vision in terms of what they offer and how they offer it. Go ahead and explore the web site. Subscribe for specials and also follow Beauty On TApp on the various social media platforms, you will notice that they are not just about product but offer loads of beauty and hair care tips and guidance as well. This also brings me to saying dear brands/suppliers – hello – right here is a great way to gain more exposure and another outlet to get your good products to us the consumers – what are you waiting for?

Thank you Shop Beauty On TApp for being there for OUR hair as much as you are there for all aspects of us as women.

One small thing from me in terms of the website – if you could please list the delivery options/details somewhere just so we can check what options we have as customers beforehand- just me.

As always – listen to your hair – product plus technique and go ahead and do your Christmas shopping early – gift your loved ones some amazing local hair care.

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