We are looking for you!

Yes you!

Are you passionate about hair?

Love talking to people,

and looking to make some extra cash on the side?

If you answered YES, then we are definitely looking for you to become a Washday Ambassador.

What is a Washday Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador is easy – but first what is a Washday Ambassador you ask?
A Washday Ambassador is someone that is passionate about the same things we are passionate about here at Natural Hair Co.
We love people, and people have hair, that they should love – but sometimes they don’t because they don’t know how to make washday fuss-free.
We also know that one of the things that make washday full of fuss is because finding the right products for your hair can be a challenge. An expensive challenge.
And so our washday boxes take the fuss and coins out of washday, we just need you to get it to the people.

What does a washday ambassador do?

Simple, tell people about the washday box

That’s it?

Yep that’s it. The more the better

How does it work

Affiliate links are generated for each ambassador and you get paid every time someone uses your link to purchase a washday box.

That’s it. 

Once you have registered and been approved, you will gain access to the ambassador dashboard

Each month you will create a new custom URL link for the washday box you want to sell, and sell and sell and sell.

Each successful referral results in coins in your pocket.

How much coin exactly?

R45 per successful sale of a washday box

We figured, if you can sell 10 boxes, you’ll make enough to be living that box free buying life,

But if you can sell 100 boxes – well then you’re in the passive income game.

We handle the entire process – they buy, and we make sure they receive it. 

What do I need to join the fun?

  • It helps if you’re already passionate about natural hair,
  • You would need to have some social presence like a Facebook/Instagram or youtube page.
  • You need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to abide by our terms and conditions
If any of this sounds like your kind of thing then honey you just need to register and become an ambassador.

Now before you go make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions


Here is a how-to video guide for you to download 

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