Towards the end of last year I decided that one thing I wanted this year was thicker hair. Like full, thick, voluminous hair. That was hair goal number one. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, that goal is one I have long given up on. Truth is, I really don’t believe anything can make your hair thicker. Like actually change your hair from being fine or medium to thick??? Naw, sis, such magic does not exist. And I’ll tell you why.

A few months ago I came across this video by Centric Sista and upon researching I found a lot more videos and blog posts online regarding the factors that affect hair growth. These factors include: genetics, self care, hair care and products. Subsequent to finding out this piece of gold I made it a point to share this information on my Facebook page and Instagram account as well as on other Facebook hair groups because I think it’s valuable information that people need to know and consider particularly when looking to products to “fix” whatever mess or situation you feel your hair might be in or even whatever you feel your hair is lacking in.
As someone with fine to medium hair – it easily goes unnoticed because my hair is high density – I understand the struggle that some naturals have and the fascination with thick, voluminous hair. There are a lot of YouTube videos and blog posts on how to get thicker hair, but I think it’s important to realise that no product can actually change the density of your hair, however, there are products that can make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous with consistent use and it is these products that I want to share.
1. Castor oil
This list wouldn’t be right if we didn’t begin with the infamous castor oil. It is known for assisting in hair thinning and hair loss and it prevents dry and itchy scalp. Castor oil can be used in different ways: you can use it in your conditioner, hot oil treatment, on your scalp or even as a sealant, however be careful if you are low porosity as it’s a heavy oil and can weigh the hair down.
2. Henna
Another natural product that naturals tend to gravitate towards when you think of thick hair is henna and there are a variety of reasons why it’s so sought after. Henna is known for making hair strong, adding shine and bounce and it can make your curls looser – do keep in mind that this varies from person to person. Henna is also a natural alternative for colouring your hair because it is gentler and doesn’t include any chemical hair dyes. However, it has a tendency to dry the hair so it needs to be followed up with a moisturizing conditioner. Because henna stains the hair by depositing colour, it’s important to let some time pass before deciding to dye your hair as there may be an adverse reaction. Also, if the idea of your hair colour possibly changing doesn’t sit well with you then the next option may be the best one for you.
3. Cassia obovata
Cassia is the lesser known alternative to henna and more particularly when it comes to thickening the hair. It’s the best alternative for those who want the benefits of henna without changing or depositing colour into your hair, but do keep in mind that the benefits don’t last as long as it does with henna unless you use it consistently. However, unlike henna, cassia conditions the hair and makes it soft rather than drying it out. It won’t loosen your curl pattern like henna does and for those who have low porosity hair and don’t do protein treatments, cassia is a good alternative for strengthening the hair.
There are many other products you can use to help make your hair appear fuller, thicker or more voluminous but these are just three of the best products with which you can see some positive results with consistent use.


I'm Chisomo, a Communication Science graduate in my mid-twenties who lives on endless cups of tea. I'm also a natural hair enthusiast, a stay-at-home daughter, a sister, a wanderer and lover of all things pretty who loves Jesus on so many levels I can't even explain.

Oh, fro! began as a result of a simple expression used by a girl in love with, you guessed it, her fro. This is just my tiny space where I share about my hair, regimen and all things hair...and a few tidbits of things I love. So find a comfy spot, settle in and I hope you enjoy every bit of this bumpy ride as much as I do!

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