In today’s video I’m bringing you a braided updo tutorial for natural hair – perfect as an easy protective style and to help keep your ends moisturised for longer.

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Music: The Pact by Tinush

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  1. Natalie Smith says:

    This video just popped up now on my feed while I was searching for easy protective styling ideas?thanks. I like this and Im going to try it. The video was very interactive quite nice.

  2. Jolene Barnes says:

    Aaaaw thanks Eleanore! I’ve been looking for a hairstyle for a vintage theme production I’m in and this is perfect! Ta

  3. PiecesofNika says:

    Hello I just found your channel searching camille rose products. I just purchased the almond jai twisting butter…but I love your hair..I just subscribed. Please checkout my channel. Great video! xoxo

  4. Imkamo_hello Kamohelo says:

    It’s a cold rainy day in Soweto and Eishkom has done us bad so I decided to spend my day under the covers finishing what’s left of my laptops battery going through naturalista videos. Then alas! I stumbled on this ( been really trying to do an updo for a while so I needed inspiration and tips) and I was really impressed with how refreshing you were and how effortlessly vintage glam and glowing your face was (the beat to the gods faces I see on every channel are sometimes distracting to me because I’m a simple girl and makeup really isn’t my forte although for occasions I do dabble in it. I’m a student so I don’t really have the time for make up. For my graduation next year though my face will be beat and I’ll have a cut crease and winged liner sharp enough to inflict damage to anyone next to me lol). I actually didn’t even see that you were South African because I just saw the picture and description (selective reading lol) and clicked play. When I realized you were South African I was so chuffed! I had found a gem. The quality of your videos is astounding and you’re very interactive. Hence I went onto your IG page and I found your birthday giveaway. How lucky can I be? lol I’m definitely entering #eleanorjadore35thbirthdaygiveaway

  5. Nidia Daniels says:

    The untied version is a curly version of the Khaleesi Mother of Dragrons/GOT straight people hairstyle I like this version better. I stopped concentrating after 5:15 just because I liked this version so much. Thank you Eleanor.

    One day when I get married or go to a formal event I might just try the up do style.

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