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Mom and Me basic hair care workshop

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2 June 2018

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Remember sitting in between your mother’s knees while she held your shoulders down with one hand and ripped a comb through your unruly, kroes or k-word hair as a kid?
Well, Anita, mom to the adorable Chocolate Hair Sisters is on a mission to ensure that moms are equipped with the tools to make sure our little ones know and love their natural hair as much as we do.
The first Mom & Me Basic Haircare Workshop on 2 June 2018, was absolutely delightful and oh so vital. The event was held at the Sibahle Doll Collection studio in Ferndale Village, Randburg. We were surrounded by beautifully dressed and ethnically diverse dolls that excited all the real life little dolls who were kept entertained while us moms got some serious hair-ducation.
Anita covered all the basics – shampooing, conditioning, detangling and styling of little people hair. We also covered porosity, hairline issues and trimming for dummies. This small group of moms was introduced to Swimma Caps and satin bonnets by Lavish Atelier, and got some much needed revelations about everyday hair washing (it equals dryness and breakage for little people – who knew? Anita did!)
We are so proud for Anita for stepping out from behind the camera and sharing what she has learnt over years of diligent practice. She is our Mommy Mentor, and we cant wait to see her rolling out this workshop all over JHB!
Keep an eye on @chocolatehairsisters for the next one.

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Nyaki Tshabangu

An aspiring visionary with an ornate love of natural hair plants, hand luggage traveling, and podcasts

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