Just got back from Cantu’s first Hair Soiree in South Africa and it was a rather enjoyable afternoon.
(I’m trying not to dwell and chew too much on my blog posts so that I can actually get them out (o:)
Organised by Cantubeauty.africa I was invited to the event and also ran an Instagram competition where 3 lucky entrants got tickets to the esteemed event. (I hope you are subscribed to my blog and following me on the various social media platforms – easy to find – Jems Of A Natural).

  Above: with various Curl friends – always such a pleasure.
I have seen and heard many South Africans ask about Cantu and well they are here and available in both Clicks and Dischem and no this IS NOT a sponsored post – I just enjoy making visible the invisible – as always. The Hair Soiree was held in the Ethnic Beauty Design salon in Jukskei Park and guests were treated to hair styling demonstrations by stylists such as Tumelo (I have introduced her on the blog before), treated to delicious nibbles and we had a chance to meet and learn from Cantu’s Global  Director of Marketing – Dametria Mustin who took us through the brand, the products and upon assessing each attendees hair, she gave them the 3 top – full sized – products for their hair texture or hair requirement. Yes we were treated to prizes and each attendee got a goody bag – we all love goodies.

 Above: Dametria Mustin, the Global Marketing Director of Cantu  
  Above: This ‘young’lady was fascinated at how soft the hair was – yes, our hair can
Above: I luckily won a prize (I usually let these go but not this time – peace) so combined it with the goody bag.
Who are Cantu – the second leading ethnique hair care brand in the USA branching out to the rest of the world. Below is an extract from their ‘About Us’ Page on their website:
Our mission is to create ultra-nourishing beauty, skin and hair products that allow your authentic beauty to shine.
With all the buzz about perfect curls, impeccable skin and bounce-back bodies, it’s easy to forget how gorgeous you are. But the truth is, you are absolutely amazing. No one else has your hair, your skin, your light, and your beauty. You are the best you out there.
Own it. Love it. Live it.
Need I say more. Cantu have brought their products in the original forms and formulations as they believe the goodness of their products is beneficial to all hair textures across the globe. If you need any inspiration on further use of the products – just visit their website – http://cantubeauty.com/hairspiration
I first got hold of Cantu products from Obulunji and it is great to see Cantu more easily accessible from Clicks and Dischem albeit the price. Not all of the full Cantu range are available as yet but are certainly on their way and the more the brand flourishes in SA then the more of the range will come. We got a chance to ask our questions as well as give ideas on how the brand can reach more of us. Please feel free to submit your ideas on what more you would like to see, what more you want from the brand and give your ideas on the ways in which they can reach as well as educate you more. (I figure why not hear it direct from the market – from you) Also feel free to air your views to Dischem and Clicks directly. 
As always listen to your hair and try something new and remember great hair care is not just about product but about technique too x
Thank You Melissa

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