Above: Carols Daughter Hair Milk Collection

Because I struggled a little with not having a styling product to end off my regimen when using the Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla collection of products available in South Africa (see my first impression HERE), good habits (yes lol) and much needed for dry Joburg, I also tried the Hair Milk.
MY hair’s unbiased OPINION is as follows (o:

Hair Milk Collection – Nourishing and Conditioning
For Curls, Coils, Kinks & Waves
Each Item in the range promises to:
– Deeply moisturize
– Improve softness
– Prevent frizz
If softness is what one is looking for then I think these products would be a good choice.
Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner
The hair and I liked the scent of this cleanser although not as much as the Black Vanilla range. This is a formulated conditioning cleanser (conditioner made to gently clean) – creamy and does not lather at all. It cleanses gently therefore please be weary if you have been using other heavy products. I used this as a midweek wash. It softened the hair and the hair did indeed feel nourished. Did it do what it said it would do. YES to deeply moisturized and YES to improved softness and YES to some reduced frizz.
Would I use this product again – so far yes, especially if using just this collection/range and I would alternate with a shampoo and also alternate with a clarifying shampoo now and again. (personal preference and I have had 3 scalp analysis this year all showing the importance of clarifying).

Hair Milk Curl Defining Moisture Mask
I didn’t feel like I needed it at the time but I went ahead and used it anyway and used this moisture mask which is a hair treatment. A light scent – I would describe it as a lotion scent if that makes sense. I detangled with my Denman brush this time and kept the product on for 5 minutes and rinsed and it left my hair feeling super soft with sheen and defined curls. I would advise on not combing or fussing after the last rinse. My curls were soft but were easily disturbed due to the softness. The hair also felt lightweight. Did it do what it said it would do. YES to deeply moisturized, no dryness whatsoever and YES to improved softness and YES to some reduced frizz.
Would I use this product again – so far YES especially when using the other products in this collection.
Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer
My hair is still on a journey with hair milks. It does like them to a degree but they often leave the hair with a lotiony feel and slightly weighted or slightly greasy look, if that makes sense (I hope that makes sense lol). This particular Hair Milk is lightweight, the hair easily absorbed it and really felt like it was all I needed. It has shine and made my hair even more soft. I prefer to apply it on wet hair and will try it on dry hair as I have a feeling it just may work even better on dry. The hair felt nourished and I must ask – is there such a thing as too soft (o: smile with me. Curls were defined but as usual these last two weeks my hands kept wanting to play with my curls so I did notice that the curls were easily disturbed but not too much. The one day, I had all the car windows down in this Joburg heat and sometimes this dries out my hair but my hair survived much better using this product. Evening time it was still light and soft but some of my ends were frizzy and may just need a trim. (yes short hair needs trims too) and I will try applying the hair milk properly to smaller sections next time so that all the hair gets proper coverage. I will also try it with the Gel in this collection next time. Did it do what it said it would do. YES to deeply moisturised (more shrinkage which I embrace) or rather yes to maintaining moisture and YES to MORE softness or maintained softness and YES to some reduced frizz at the beginning but frizz did break out eventually and the hair looked as if it was weighted although it did not feel like it was.
Would I use this product again – so far, I would use it now and again but not too often and will try other ways of using it. I did not that it did not take me to 3rd day hair and I still had to refresh my curls on day two – understandable for dry Joburg. I am not too fond of the scent but it is not overpowering and I will try it with the gel to see if that helps keep frizz at bay even further.
Hair Milk Alcohol Free Gel 
My hair is still on a journey with gels. I don’t use gels too often as I find I have to start a wash process again the next day and need to do a proper cleanse to get it all out so I use them for specific styles or close to wash day. This Hair Milk Gel instructs one to use it on cleansed hair which I did not yet get to do and will do this another time. Instead I used it on 3rd day hair which was lightly dampened. It took to the hair nicely but did not give the hold I was looking for for that specific style (a sleek back). It defines the curls but keeps the curl soft to the touch. I will try this on a wash and go and update this post. I did not notice much shine so will watch for this when I use it again. Did it do what it said it would do. I need to use it some more before giving a verdict but I will say YES to the maintained softness.
Not yet available in South Africa and hopefully will complete the range on our shores soon is the following:
See one way of using the Hair Milk HERE
As you can see you are bound to find something from the Hair Milk Collection for your Curls, Coils, Kinks and Waves.
Overall, the Hair Milk collection came through with softening and maintaining the softness of the hair. I will still explore the stylers received and will keep the Cleanser and Mask in rotation.
I look forward to seeing the other collections for hair from Carol’s Daughter, specifically the Mirabelle Plum collection.

Have you tried anything from this Hair Milk Collection yet? What did your hair think?
As always try something new and listen to your hair?

 Above: The hair using the Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner
 Above: End of day with the Hair Milk Leave-In Moisturizer
Above: Another end of Day with the Hair Milk Leave-In Moisturizer

**I always state when a post is sponsored and this is NOT a sponsored post**

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