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The first thing Wikipedia tells you about the “The Click Song” (made famous internationally by Miriam Makeba) is that it’s a traditional song of an African peoples but somebody who wasn’t African then decided to give it a whole ‘nother name because they could not bring themselves to understand the thing that was being referred to. Forgive me, I paraphrase, but Google it, essentially, it’s the same thing.

Now Clicks SA did the same thing the other day (24 October 2018 to be exact). The day is now etched in the collective memory of the natural hair community, I daresay, even though Clicks took down the offending picture on Instagram. You see our “ally” in changing the paradigm of beauty ventured into a territory that was not for it to enter – it named something that wasn’t for it to name. Clicks posted a picture of beautiful bouncy curls and dubbed it 4C hair. It went so far as to describe the hair in the picture as “curly-coily, tightly packed corkscrews; voluminous; shrinkage.” The engaged and provoked natural community was not impressed – at all.

Thank technology for screen grabs – how could we capture incriminating evidence without it?

The first giant eye roll was for incorrectly labeling those curls as coily or tightly packed corkscrews. None of those descriptions apply! The second (and much more intense) eye roll/ death stare was for using the flawed natural hair typing system that does not consider the varying, diverse and spectacular array of coils that African/ Afro hair comes in.

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There are multiple hair typing systems – including the Andre Walker Hair Typing System, LOIS, and FIA’s Hair Typing System.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where concepts, things and sometimes people need to be defined in terms of the proverbial box because other people cannot fathom that some things don’t fit inside a box. But the whole paradigm shift in beauty is embracing thinking outside this box, especially because it was created without us in mind. Us being naturals. Us being curly, coily, kinky haired melanated drops of magic. Us being the ones who should name ourselves if we ever feel the need to give ourselves a name.

In the same way that the western world renamed Qongqothwanebecause they couldn’t be bothered to wrap their tongues around the beautiful Xhosa name for this traditional song. Clicks wasn’t bothered enough to do just a tiny bit of digging into what South African naturals feel is an appropriate name for what’s growing atop their heads. Even worse, they did not even correctly use the typing system that they were trying to refer to. It sucks that an ally, and somewhat of a champion, of making natural hair mainstream would make this mistake.

Let us not even mention how they did not own up to it. No public apology, just brushing it under the carpet and keeping it moving [claps once].

Clicks the hair typing system is played out, your mistake at this level of the game is played out, your apparent interest in our coin but not our view is played out.

What are your thoughts, lets hone in on your feels

Thanks Bye!

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