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  1. Zintle Malgas says:

    It’s nearly our birthday ke sisi. Leo season is in full swing. Skin siyapopa. Yonke into intle. Kuyacaca lixesha lethu. ?❤️ YAAAS!

  2. Ntokozo Ngcobo says:

    I also use the Rosy Lips Lip Therapy.?
    I just use my Epimax on my face. Works like a charm. I no longer have spots, also it keeps my eczema off bay. Oh, and water. Drinking 3Ls of water a day made my skin more plump and all sorts of yummy.
    Question, I need sunscreen that doesn’t leave any residues.. well, you did put it on on camera I didn’t see any, but still I have to ask, would you recommend it? And does it not burn your skin if you spray it on directly on your face?

  3. Mandisa. Vilakazi says:

    Thank you for the video! Love it, love you! Can we also get a skin care video for the rest of the body. Warmer days are coming and I personally generally struggle with finding the right products for my body.

  4. Pascaline Tsakane Chauke says:

    The Clinique moisture surge range is the best for winter . Holy Grail especially when you have senstive and dry skin. Love it

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