Hello hunies!
Myself and Aisha of My Fro & I TV share some tips to combat 3 major 4c Hair struggles – dryness, breakage and knots!

Check out our ‘Hit or Miss’ Hair trends video on Aisha’s channel:

Aisha’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_8flxnkpZscYrSYOlk_ug
I hope you enjoyed the video hunies!!!

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  1. Mommy And Baby Approved says:

    I am cracking up laughing listening to you talk about how you just disappeared without posting the video…LOL…too funny man…I really loved watching this video, came in just in time before my winter hair struggles begin…

  2. Sinikiwe Ngcobo says:

    My first ever comment on youtube. I’m a background lurker.
    I love both your channels. I always get inspired to start my own, but never do. lol

  3. Hey Gabster says:

    I agree with Oluv that story was too funny as …..as for not washing braids aahhh!!! they age faster but at least that hair is thanking you ok but it makes those knots at the bottom too real also 🙂

  4. Ayanda Buchegger says:

    I’m so guilty of neglecting my hair when I’m rocking a protective style and my hairline always suffer the consequences. My hairline is weak like yours but yours looks waaay better than mine right now lol

  5. Lonwabo Miso says:

    Thank you so much for this Yolz. My daughter and I have been STRUGGLING this past week with dryness. And shame I don’t want her to not like her natural hair because it’s so sore to comb. So this vid is just what I needed. Please recommend the best deep conditioner. Thanks again. MWAH!!!

  6. Kopano The Blog says:

    haha you ran away with her collaboration, lol. Love this, growing natural hair is such a struggle though but you keep growing and learning.

  7. Melissa Madondo says:

    Which deep conditioners do y’all use or would recommend because the one I’m currently using (Dr. Miracles) is leaving my hair dry

  8. Mahlodi Ramollo says:

    This has to be the best day for me, I finally found a South African natural hair vlogger. I love your videos and do you advise trimming natural hair? and if yes, how often?

  9. Phendulwa Sekeleni says:

    Its true that we attract what we think about most because I saw you on Instagram just when I was doing research on starting a YouTube channel..and hey I’m inspired..You rock!!! You are great. You are beautiful and wonderful 🙂

  10. Naledi Maubane says:

    Please do a video on scalp dryness. I struggle A LOT with the dryness of my scalp even though the state of my hair is great.
    My scalp is actually my biggest challenge right now

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