Loves, here’s How to detangle knots, tangles and matted hair!

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  1. Palesa Dlamini says:

    So for the last two years I realized that I have a sensitive sculp and all so I decided to cut my hair this year ngoMarch. So now I kept cutting and all coz I loved my short hair and all. Now my hair is growing very slowly and all. What products can I used that can help me grow back my hair. I know you’ve done a hair growth video but is there something you’ve seen maybe recently?

    Love you ❀?

  2. lelo mashinini says:

    Loved this video. It was definitely informative ❀️ Can you please make a video on how to dry your hair without using heat. I have low porosity hair and it’s always such a struggle to get it dry without using heat. I end up with knots and a lot of breakage

  3. Lerato Molapo says:

    Wow Yolz your detangling session looked so effortless. I usually detangle with a conditioner before shampooing. I have watched videos where people detangle in the shower after shampooing but detangling is suuuch a process for me, i need to sit down because it takes a lot of time. i will try it with an oil next wash day. thank you πŸ™‚ xoxo

  4. Simply Noni says:

    Coils popping, you have beautiful hair β™₯. My wash day is tomorrow, I will definitely try this detangling method. Plus this is a ideas for my channel as well ?

  5. Sindiswa Nene says:

    Please come detangle mine. ☹️☹️ But I only use water to detangle mine so this concept I’m going to try it out. My hair is so thick in volume so this is the one thing I hate to do


    Tjo Yolz thixo ukuthume kum today. I struggle with a lot of knots and when I do protective styling my hair literally locks when I undo my hair in the morning. ????

  7. Tshiamo Setshwaelo says:

    I used to just detangle on dry hair. ? I’m glad I learnt something new!

    Totally love the vlogmas series, let’s just hope load shedding behaves so we can get a video every day. Lots of love ❀️❀️

  8. Phumie Ngwane says:

    Thanks again Yolz. Detangling is something I definitely avoid because of how exhausting it is. These products seem to ease the process, since I only usually spritz, unless I do so after shampooing (I shall heed the warning ??‍♀️). How often do you think it’s necessary to detangle without meddling too much with your hair/promoting breakage?

  9. Elizabeth Phukubye says:

    I am loving this channel so much. I’ve been camping here throughout my maternity leave and I’ve learned a lot about beauty and hair. You’re awesome

  10. Sinothando Sinaye Moerane says:

    Hi Yolz. This isn’t based on this video but I would like to find out the significance of water on the hair and then locking with oil or Shea butter ?
    I have high porosity hair and I’d also like to find out how do I lock in moisture after washing or deep conditioning ?

  11. Sheilla Sibanda says:

    Thank you so much for the video ????will definitely try adding oil as well.
    One thing i have learnt is detangle first then wash ??????.
    Hi Fez……….

  12. Gia Ndaba says:

    Wow, this is much simpler. My conditioner never lasts because I put so much in my hair, but I see you only apply it on the roots where you are detangling. Do you ever apply conditioner from root to tip?

  13. Nomonde Mbele says:

    Hi there Yolz. Oh my word,my hair breaks so much every time i detangle. I fear that my hair wont grow every time i detangle and i always do it right. I will most definitely try this method and let you know how that goes. Thank for the video!!! xo

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