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SOOOO, South Africans, bet ya been dreeaaamin’ of good natural hair products or you been breaking the bank on those expensive popular international brands that rule over on them Instagram streets lool! I know, it’s ruff!!

I’m going to list South African natural hair care brands that I’ve either tried myself or read awesome reviews of from some SA bloggers/influencers. Trying to provide a comprehensive list, in one place that you can refer to. Have a look at the different products and what they offer, then make a selection for what suits your hair best 🙂

Without further ado; in no particular order. Locally made, awesome and affordable is the point here 🙂 P.S. Most brands here have a full hair care range and you can shop on their websites. Some you can shop on beautyontapp.co.za.


natural hair care south africa
Nilotiqa. Source: Instagram

A ‘deep moisture hair care’ range. The lines’ main ingredients, among others are Shea butter, coconut oil, marula oil and avocado oil. I’ve detangled (and conditioned) using their conditioner and it was yummy. Enjoyed the slip and hydration!

Website: nilotiqa.com


natural hair care south africa
Buuya Beauty. Source: Instagram

Another yummy line of products. Featuring ingredients such as mongongo oil and baobab fruit. Go on and have a look! What seems popular and what I’ve tried is their herb infused oil – it has so much goodness in one – among others it has sunflower, mongongo, olive oil, rooibos and chamomile. Its great as a moisturizer and sealant. I hear the hair mist is also great.

Website: buuya.co.za


natural hair care south africa
Curl Chemistry. Source: Instagram

Vegan friendly line based in Cape Town. No mineral oils. Sulfate, paraben and silicone free. That curl activating cream is popular. Tried it, smells divine! I’ve used it on twist outs and perm-rod sets! Love.

Website: curlchemistry.co.za


natural hair care south africa
My Natural Hair, Source: Instagram

More popular and you may already know it. The line is free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils! Heard good things about it 🙂 Apart from their online shop, can also be found at Clicks!

Website: mynatural.co.za


suki suki natural hair care tooandalee south africa
Suki Suki Naturals. Source: Instagram

Beautiful brand and love their mission. Very particular about the ingredients and oils (which is dope) and which we naturals love. The line has no preservatives, colorants, or fragrances. No nasties over here!! Apart from their site, you can also find it on my favorite SA natural everything product online shop lol – Faithful to Nature. If you don’t know Faithful to Nature, like, where have you been homie?!? Moving on…

Website: sukisukinaturals.co.za


nguni natural hair care south africa tooandalee
Nguni Botanicals. Source: Instagram

Really cool line of products. Have a look at the website (link below). Each product is beautifully described, each ingredient, what it does and how it will benefit you. Brilliant. I am yet to try these babies! 🙂

Website: ngunibotanicals.co.za


the perfect hair tooandalee naturalhair south africa.png
The Perfect Hair. Source: TPH Website

Another SA gem over here. They have a wide range of products classified under wavy, curly and kinky hair types. I’ve used this line and enjoyed the cowash! What I’ve had my eye on though is the aloe vera gel! You know I love me some aloe. Lemme know if you’ve used it!

Website: theperfecthair.co.za


earthy natural hair care south africa tooandalee
Earthy SA. Source: Instagram

And last but certainly not least. Earthy SA. Among other things, people be loooving on their conditioner. Have a look if you’re on the hunt!!

Website: earthy.online

There you go homies. You ask, I provide. So let’s no longer hear those excuses about scarcity of natural hair products in South Africa! Share with other naturals, go on and get that HAIR together honey!! 😀

Know a haircare line in SA I didn’t mention that you love? Drop it in the comments for the homies. Also say why you enjoy it and what it does fo ya! Or just let me know which of the above are your favorites!

Peace and Nappy Love. Your Girl,


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