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  1. tshepang mashike says:

    Notification gang!! ? I’ve been looking for the hairpiece for the pony. Thanks Sino!!! Thanks for sharing the hair sellers and prices!

  2. tshepang mashike says:

    Wow the texture though, it blends very well with your natural hair. The bun fits in very well with your hair. ? ? Love it

  3. Chelsea Mpanza says:

    It’s so good that you consider suggestions (research on prices & a shorter video) ?…this look is simple yet beautiful ??, I love the lip colour as well.
    Keep up the frequent content ♥️

  4. Keeping it real with Emmah says:

    This looks so beautiful I decided to cut my relaxed hair and go natural at the moment my hair is short and looks untidy I am so close to cutting it again ?

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