Hey boos,

This is a very vulnerable video for me, I am in the thick of postpartum shedding, I am losing so much hair! In this video, I share where I am in the postpartum shedding thing and my plan for getting my hair back in shape and going through this phase as easily as possible.


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  1. Phumzile Twala says:

    During my pregnancies my hair glows and grows faster. Then it just goes back to its normal for after…….
    hi ? Phumzile here

  2. ThroughEllesEyes says:

    Postpartum shedding grabbed a seat at my table, set across me and literally camped there till I got the big chop. It hurt so much because I had full, thick tresses during pregnancy. The upside to cutting my hair is that actually enjoying the short hair 🙂

    All the best with getting those edges back girl.

    #Advice: Try rubbing/applying black Jamaican castor oil on the affected spots.

  3. Hey Gabster says:

    Ohhhh wow post partum shedding is too real. Thank you for sharing with us. Stay strong and it will come back…You sound like you have a good plan….keep well otherwise:)

  4. Naledi Mallela says:

    Thanks for sharing Lungz,
    I also have an issue with hair that sheds, no matter how often I wash, deep condition, treat my hair and be gentle with it, it sheds quite a lot, and I know how frustrating this is, and how its such a difficult situation for every woman who goes through it…

    I hope your hair grows back though. All the best.

  5. SheerDee says:

    Don’t forget to include tea rinses to your wash days. I usually use green tea and add a little honey. Don’t worry it will get better. Xo

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