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    Very informative & insightful ?โค I actually stretch my hair with heat ? And what I’m noticing is that I have A LOT of split ends. Now I’m not sure if I should cut the split ends or just do another big chop and start all over ?

  2. Noxolo Ngcobo says:

    You guys are the reason i actually decided to go natural.. i like how you guys make sure that you give us the best information about natural hair, and also how you allow us to also come up with our own methods and use products thats work for us.. thank you Sino for bringing Yolz..

  3. Lushgirl Mantanga says:

    Haaaahaaaa u have cooked the (pasta)hair and u cant change it back to be hard??????????Love u guys…Night made….????

  4. charmaine mathye says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this video. Would love to get weekly videos Sino, canโ€™t get over your videos. Letโ€™s start the road to 10k, congratulations on hitting 5k??

  5. Zethu Mbiza says:

    Thanks Sino for this video. I hope more collabs are still to come.? Been waiting for this video ever since I saw you on Yolz’s vlog last week.

  6. Agcobile Mbovane says:

    Canโ€™t wait for part 2 , you guys inspired me to do a big chop in June but sana growth is so slow . Iโ€™m taking good care of my hair but my genes are working against me.

  7. sizeka dyani says:

    Alternative butter products people can pick isย Auntie Jackies sealant butter its R90. Auntie Jackie’s detangler is R60.. The results are amazing

  8. Qenehelo Mahamo says:

    i love this… took Sino’s advice on moisturizing with water twice a day and been using oil, my hairline is alive again. i hope to see more content and consistency, we love watching. Yolz definitely is one of my favorites

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