I jumped right on board when the founder of http://www.fashionoutreach.org/, the big hearted Ellen Cooper asked if I would like to collaborate on an cause worthy event to help raise funds for the Malaika Orphanage currently based in Hillbrow who are in desperate need of a new home(s).
Who are Malaika Orphanage
An extract from their website reads ‘Malaika Orphanage Center (MOC) was established in 2005 as a community based initiative to support children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, poverty, abandoned and neglected children in the South Africa rural area of Embalenhle in MPUMALANGA province which after the many causes of vulnerability was extended its services to Hilbrow where many children flock and sleep on streets, deal in drugs and get addicted to drugs being used by heartless adults and most female children turn out to become prostitutes.’
The below picture will give you a little glimpse into the current accommodation housing these young beautiful beings:

Non of us would willingly live here, lets come together and help these children who have no choice whatsoever in the matter, who have no mothers or fathers or even family and who is most cases only have US!

A high tea fundraiser is a great avenue to help raise funds that will contribute towards obtaining new homes where the children can be housed. I will be sharing some hair care tips on the day and yes, The Jems Of A Natural Accessories will be on sale on the day with a percentage of the sales going to Malaika. What will you get – a scrumptious high tea, talks, auctions, giveaways, pop up shops. Wear your favourite head wrap and win a prize! The theme of the event is QUEENS HELPING CHILDREN IN NEED. How apt. The target is R20 000 this time around and I believe we can raise more than this between now and 11 November and it does not stop there (a house will cost more than R1.5M and 2 houses will be the exact requirement to house all of the children and then some >>>If you would like to donate a house, please by all means come forward). A ticket for the High Tea costs R350 and if you can’t make it, you are more than welcome to donate whatever amount you like. How about we all donate the money we would have bought hair care products with this month – imagine the impact we would make. <do not give me those big eyes (o: I mean it). 

Brands you are more than welcome to donate money and/or products for raffles and auctions and giveaways to raise further funds on the day of the high tea – please contact Ellen on info@fashionoutreach.org 

Below is more details about the event and why as reposted from the Fashion Outreach website:
It was said by the profound Nelson Mandela that:
“Children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.”
Steering this philosophy forward are hundreds of children’s orphanaged throughout the country, that use every resource that is availed to them, no matter how small, in order to take care of helpless children and help build a better future for them.
One of these special orphanages is Malaika (Angel) Orphanage Centre. This is a community based initiative that was formed in 2005 in Mpumalanga, but has now extended to Hillbrow in Johannesburg CBD. Malaika is a centre that prides itself in taking care of children who are or were previously affected by HIV/AIDS, abandoned, poverty stricken or even neglected. These children are all given a home full of warmth and love by the house mothers in order to aid in improving the state of their lives. Furthermore, the centre also provides the children living in the shelter with emotional and psychological support as well as with the necessary basic educational tools in order to secure their future. This shelter relies solely on donations from  individuals, private companies, volunteers as well as a small amount of government assistance in order to keep it running accordingly. Due to Malaika operating for quite a few years and by housing so many children, their facilities have suffered a great strain. They have not been able to attain enough funds in order to improve the state of the house that they live in which has resulted in them currently living in a run-down flat in Hillbrow with broken windows, garbage, rats and filth. The children also often get sick due to the appalling living conditions with no secure play grounds. This highlights that they are in desperate need of a new home.
In light of this, Fashion Outreach is excited to host a Fashion for charity themed high tea on the 11th of November. This event is aimed at raising funds that will go towards finding a bigger and better home for the children at Malaika. Funds will be raised through ticket sales, raffles, auctions as well as donations given by you. The only way that we can help in making a difference in these children’s lives is by your participation and kind donations. By joining us at this high tea, you can prepare to devour in a scrumptious menu, receive the latest on summer fashion tips, shop for fashion pieces and other essentials in order to achieve the best look as well as receive words of wisdom from our two guest speakers. So come dressed in your stylish attires and wear your best headwrap for fun afternoon filled with class and leisure.
Event details:
Venue:    Melodies
Time:      2pm
Address: 72 Concorde Road EastBedfordview
South Africa

Keep up with updates on all our social media pages:
Facebook: Fashion Outreach
Instagram: fashion_outreach
We cannot wait to see you all there!


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