ISSA VLOG! Fezi’s first ever flight! We took him to Cape Town, went to a wedding and discovered a wine estate in Stellenbosch.

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Camera: Canon G7x Mark ii
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  1. She King Lifestyle Vlog says:

    I love how your husband is ever so willing to take footage of you… so supportive! Great vlog! The bride’s dress looks great.

  2. Emmah Chihava says:

    Baby Fezi is so cute my heart cant take it ❤️ we definately not judging because you look like a beautiful mom the glow is there make up or no make up ❤️ your mom she is so beautiful ❤️ can we talk about those brides maid dresses so gorg ❤️❤️❤️

  3. nonkazimulo mdidimba says:

    Yolz you’ve inspired me ndine afro ngoku, I took all your tips and advice in maintaining a good fro. Iza kakuhle mtase thank you so much

  4. liso xego says:

    Our 4 month old also recently had her first flight (did great as well), we were going to a wedding in the EC, which is home, so also visited family and made a mini holiday out of it. Lol, feel like I relate with you in so many ways, would be lovely to meet you one day lovely lady.

  5. pamela Shiluvani says:

    Love you and your vlogs Yolz. Fez is such a champ, he’s adorable!!!
    Tip: Please insert the day and date in the start of each new day when vlogging.

  6. Umba Zalira says:

    Oh yay! Proud of Fezi 🙂
    I wanted to ask if you have any regimen for your skin after flying, I also don’t apply make up and use a lot of vaseline while flying but it takes a while for my skin to get back to normal.


    it was nice flying with my daughter when she was less than 2years now shes 3years she cries when she hv to seat on her not pleasant anymore. Driving it our option now.

  8. Yonwaba Genu says:

    Gang gang ??
    Meeting mama Yolz and little sis was my fav part, I’ve waited forever ❤❤❤. Bhut’Lwazi has such a good character…praying for a husband like him one day ??

  9. Kanya Msweli says:

    Some of us are grown but have never been on a flight mzuzu Fez is new to this world but has seen the clouds ! Haibo masisebenzeni bafazi and book us some flights too lol

  10. Salome Skosana says:

    Hey Yolz. I missed you so much lol. Today I went to campus (UJ) from Midrand just to watch your videos. Lol Thanks for content.

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