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so I said when we reach 1000 subscribers I’d do a giveaway. We hit that milestone some weeks back. This video is thus to say a huge thank you for those of you who have subscribed and do keep tuned in.

How would you like to win some hair goodies?
Well, let me know by commenting “pick me” in the comment section, and making sure to follow my instagram and facebook page – link below.

A big big thank you once more.

Next milestone, 2500 subscribers.
I know we can make it!!
Please get your friends, families, acquaintances, whoever you think would enjoy the channel to watch lol

Please like, comment, share and subscribe!!!

Second thing

I’m starting a challenge — #justmyhairchallenge
I wanted to see if I’ll be able to keep my natural hair full time for a period of 6 months, whilst also trying to see how creative I can be when it comes to styling. I’m hoping to be changing my hair style up every week to every two weeks. you could do it even more frequently if your schedule permitted.

Would you like to join? please do, and post your pics with the #justmyhairchallenge tag

Also, let me know down below if there’s any particular type of updo you would like me to do

Connect with me

facebook: www.facebook.com/Idorenyinhopee

instagram: www.instagram.com/Idorenyinakp

email – business and related enquiries: idorenyinakp1@gmail.com

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