1. What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Deniece McDaniel, better known as Liberian_lady_doll. I am originally from Liberia, west Africa.
2. What would you consider your hair type to be?
I consider my hair type to be a 4c with a mix of 3c in the back.
3. How long have you been natural?
I will have been natural for 2 years in December 2016.

4. Why did you decide to go natural?
My daughter has been my inspiration. Her texture, the ease of being able to manipulate her hair and most of all her love for the hair God gave her is my biggest joy and motivation.
5. What was the hardest thing about returning natural?
The hardest thing I believe is having a sense of self-realisation that length is not everything and the health of your hair is the goal.
6. What does your hair regimen comprise of?
My hair regimen is comprised of routine protein/keratin treatments, regular trimming of my ends, and deep conditioning after my protective styling which I protective style once a month.

7. What do you love most about your hair?
My curl pattern.
8. What do you dislike most about your hair?
I dislike some of the thinning I have in some spots.
9. Which 3 products do you swear by?
Cantu Leave-in Repair conditioner, Wild Hair Growth oil, EcoStyler gel with Argan oil. I’m pretty simple lol!

10. What are your top 3 natural hair hair tips?
Moisture, essential oils to stimulate the follicles and regular trimming to allow new hair growth.
11. Any encouragement for rookie naturals?
Consistency is key. Don’t get discouraged, just keep up with your regimen and switch it up when you’re feeling bored with protective styles, it’s a nice change of pace.
12. Where can people find you online (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, etc.)?
IG :Liberian_lady_doll
Twitter :@Liberianladydol
YT :Liberian lady doll


I'm Chisomo, a Communication Science graduate in my mid-twenties who lives on endless cups of tea. I'm also a natural hair enthusiast, a stay-at-home daughter, a sister, a wanderer and lover of all things pretty who loves Jesus on so many levels I can't even explain.

Oh, fro! began as a result of a simple expression used by a girl in love with, you guessed it, her fro. This is just my tiny space where I share about my hair, regimen and all things hair...and a few tidbits of things I love. So find a comfy spot, settle in and I hope you enjoy every bit of this bumpy ride as much as I do!

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