1. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Niwa. I live in Sydney Australia and originally from Tanzania.2. What would you consider your hair type and hair porosity to be? My hair is kinky, course and medium density (a 4c type). I think I’m a low(ish) porosity.3. How long have you been natural? Almost 4 years (in June).

4. Why did you decide to go natural? I was on a journey to embrace all facets of my natural beauty.5. What was the hardest thing about returning natural? Managing expectations of how my hair should look and behave.6. What does your hair regimen comprise of? A shampoo wash every 1-2 weeks with a deep conditioning treatment. Moisturised with H2o, leave-in conditioner and sealed with Shea butter. Stretched and styled in two strand twists then twist out.

7. What do you love most about your hair? It’s versatility and uniqueness.8. What do you dislike most about your hair? Demands to be cared for gently and patiently.9. Which 3 products do you swear by? Embrace For Every Curl hair line (shampoo, leave-in conditioner, hair & body oil), Clear Henna Wax (deep conditioner), Shea butter.

10. What are your top 3 natural hair tips? Finger detangle, moisturise daily with water, deep condition regularly.11. Any encouragement for rookie naturals? Be patient and take the time to learn your hair. No two heads of hair are the same and what your hair likes will be unique to you. Also, have fun!!12. Where can people find you online (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, etc.)? IG: @bintibantu – fro journal, personal style, travel, nature and food!