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Moisturizing your Natural 4c Hair:
When it comes to moisturizing natural have, i have found that the LOC method really works for me before protective styling. I don’t use it when my hair is loose because my hair gets weighed down by all of the product.

I would really love to learn new ways of treating my hair so that I can learn to fall in love with it again so please share your tips and recommendations. Let’s share and learn together.

Lots og love, Mwah*
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  1. Abee Naturals says:

    First! Lol! Hi there! I’m also a youtuber from Tanzania with type4 hair! Please subscribe to my channel as well (not this one) it’s titled Swahili Naptural… ?! Love your videos btw! Hope you get back to posting videos daily again

  2. Nthabie Abie Tabz says:

    Currently editing a similar video, on a journey this year to learn about my hair, love it and most importantly love myself with it. Trying out a new oil called Wild Growth, it’s only been 3 days and I think it’s doing what it’s meant to do, using it mainly for my edges. Olive oil works for other people but a big no no for my hair. My hair is super soft and sometimes I wish it was 4c especially for styling, I have ideas for styling but the texture of my hair always fails me. Styling tips for you: it’s great that you can plait your hair, try styles where you have some of your hair out and some of it plaited (fun, “funky”, hairstyles), I can tell those would suit you. ?

  3. Lumka Jwara says:

    When it grows longer. #Struggles. Mine is always protective styled . Coconut oil doesn’t work for me on its own. I use Fusion Oil (Caivil )

  4. Lumka Jwara says:

    I have stayed away from sheer butter its feels heavy for my hair and I feel like I need heat to help my hair absorb it.

  5. Nandy Mlomo says:

    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil works the best for me. You could also try Extra Virgin Argan Oil too I’ve never used it in my fro but it does wonders for my weaves/wigs.

    I have never tried Shea butter or JB Castor oil. I don’t oil/base my scalp because I don’t have a dry scalp so I’m not prone to dandruff & I discovered this does not make your hair grow faster.

    I try to massage my scalp often but I always forget lol. A Cream that is most effective for my hair is the ORS Olive Oil Moisturizer but I have also used D&L Afro Butter with no issues. My hair gets really dry after I use a shampoo so I opt to cleanse with a mixture of Cond. + Baking Soda + Water OR ACV + Cond + Water OR Bentonite Clay ( as seen on the MHM)

    You should also try out the Maximum Hydration Method this is said to reveal your “true” texture / curl pattern and leaves your hair super soft.

  6. Abee Naturals says:

    Try this formula for your daily spritz: about 1 cup rose water and a teaspoon of glycerine in a spray bottle. I use this as my moisturizing spritz and I have since forgotten what dry hair is. I don’t have to oil my hair except maybe once in the week if I would be wearing my hair in a twistout or braid out and such. Otherwise I would remoisturize with just the mist every night before I go to bed.

    Thanks for the sub! I’ll be posting videos in English as well so stay tuned! ?

  7. Hey Gabster says:

    The is pros and cons to longer protective styles…there is a higher risk of dry hair the longer it is in the style but I am sure whatever you decide on will link amazing on you

  8. Yolz Channel says:

    I wish I could braid my hair like you can hun. Wow!
    Extra Virgin olive oil has ever ever let me down hey. It’s helped me through relaxed, transitioning and now natural hair. Perhaps give it a try hun?

  9. Anita B says:

    Love these longer videos πŸ™‚ Re the detangling being harder maybe its time to trim your ends, this should help that. You can try grape seed oil and avocado oil which are both light weight. Use water everyday to keep your hair moisturizer and then seal with oil. Good luck and I hope you find your groove again

  10. Hlulani Chauke says:

    i am loving your channel keep up the great work, its refreshing to see a South African hair vlogger. i feel your struggle…what i can say helps a lot with detangling my hair is:

    1.I pre-poo my hair the night before my wash day.
    2.I condition my hair in conjuction to using the hot oil treatment.
    3. I cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave overnight. this helps soften the hair and it makes it easier to detangle the next day. hope it helps……

  11. Kemunto Bear says:

    yeah i do get frustrated with my natural hair too just can’t deal with it just doing braids and cornrows now..and yasss i manage to buy myself a canon EOS700D CAMERA here is the video i did with the camera loving it

  12. Saffie Drammeh says:

    hi, I adore your videos a lot of us true 4c girls have ssues finding videos that show 4c hair care. I’ve been natural for 3 yrs and when my hair changed I started switching to 2 strand twist to aid with keeping my hair neat & unknotted. I also started to use much heavier products like thick diy moisturizing CREAMS/BUTTERS, I also used thick deep conditioner EVERY week along with hot oil treatments. This not only kept my extremely dry hair moist but it also kept it and stretched & free of tangles. (I find with 4c hair the more moisture the easier your life will be ) I hope this helps.

  13. Queenie Thomas says:

    Hi I feel your pain and understand the mood it can put you in !!! I am no expert and I don’t have much scientific facts but i use a spray everyday on my hair and it’s been working!! makin my hair so much easier to deal with i actual enjoy my 4c hair now and i think it could also help you
    I don’t know correct millilitre measurements because i do it by eye but i can say by parts

    2/5 parts ALMOND OIL BY VATIKA <---any thin light oil 2/5 parts SHEA MOISTURE JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL LEAVE IN CONDITIONER<-- this reallyy works for me 1/5 parts JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL I shake it in a spray bottle and slowly add little amounts of water shaking until it's a thinner consistency and also sprays well (i.e NOT in one clump) I think you can play around with the part amounts It should glisten inside the bottle with a yellow gold complexion with little oily bubbles Then i do my hair in flat twist or chiney bumps in between doing that i also use T444Z i don't cainerow my hair and i've tried to stay away from very watery products it just dries out my air I hope you try this and if so i hope it helps you out or if you find something make a video To any other 4c's if you try this lemme know

  14. Lindi Wit says:

    I find a hot oil treatment helps alot! Honey, coconut oil and olive oil mixed. Apply while it’s warm and leave over night with a shower cap on! πŸ™‚ Then co-wash, helps lock in moisture!
    I’ve been natural two years and I find protective styling is a must.
    Oh always detangle on wet hair that has a leave-in or an oil.
    Check out the 25 min wash day vidoe. I’ll see if I can attach the link.

  15. Yamina Ali says:

    i love monoΓ― oil it really adds moisture and shine to my hair. it smells really good as well. jojoba oil is great too!

  16. Yamina Ali says:

    i think just keep ur hair as tangles free as possible. if ur tangles dont stop then maybe u need a little trim like just the end. for hair growth castor oil on ur scalp and edges is great! i do that myself. or hairvitamin like sugarbearhair should help u as well! hope this help β™‘β™‘

  17. Chantelle Cook says:

    I have hair that is exactly like yours. I have decided to get sisterlocks, because I just don’t have the time to properly care for it. It is definitely a challenge. You should never detangle more than once on wash day. With that said, what I used to do was detangle with a deep conditioner with lots of slip and do the protective style with the conditioner and spray water in the hair and rinse once styled. I would spray leave in conditioners with essential oils mixed in for moisture and that seemed to help me retain my length. Sisterlocked for 3 months and started with 6 inches of hair ( after cutting 4 inches off to even things out before install). Good luck.

  18. Mylene Saturne says:

    You can also try wild growth oil and daily moisturizer cantu I have the same hair type like yours and ever since I use those products my hair been super soft?

  19. Ayanda Buchegger says:

    I love your detangling method, I think u and I have the same hair type, I’m so glad I found your channel and Yolz channel. I’m glad there’s more of us out here?

  20. Mercy Blackstarr says:

    I can soo relate to this. I am a new subbie and love your videos. I think i now found the right youtuber to watch and educate me on my 4c hair.

  21. Kyla Browne says:

    I actually use a mixture of castor oil and peanut oil which I feel is not talked about enough. I am actually allergic to peanuts but when I put it on my hair there seems to be no allergic reaction occurring. My mom buys the oil mixture from this specific hairdresser where she gets her dreads done and the oil really softens her dreads. They don’t name all of the ingredients in the oil because it’s exclusively sold at the hair salon and is quite pricy. I don’t have dreads but I always use the oil twice a day on the front portion of my hair and it has really worked wonders.

  22. Amish Girl says:

    Am growing my natural hair as well, I will say Jameican castor oil mixed with coconut oil those two oils they do wonders for my hair and deep conditioning instead of using shampoo

  23. VirtuousnubiaQueen says:

    4c Queens We have arrived!! I must admit when I big chopped to my scalp twice in my 5 year natural hair journey. I absolutely loved my Twa short hair! I have not cut my hair besides just trimming my ends since 2015 when I had my twa olive oil grape-seed and most natural oils worked but now that it has grown out my hair does not like them only when I use them at night before I wash it. Now in the winter months my longer 4c locks is loving Wait For It!! Blue magic coconut oil hair grease!! Yes queens I said hair grease! Not on my scalp but for a sealant! Alongside with my leavin conditioner, 99% aloe vera juice and seal my braids with blue magic coconut oil hair grease..Since November my hair has been Lit! ? using old school what Mom’s been using on children’s hair foreva lol I believe as summer approaches I might mayyyybe have to find another hack lol I’m feeling your technique in this video So yes thumbs ?? and I’ll continue to watch New subbie let’s get it poppin!! Loving our skin were in and embracing our God given crown ????

  24. Christi L says:

    This style is pretty. I think i realized recently that some youtubers have 4c hair but they have thin 4c. It wasnt until I searched thick 4c hair that I started to see more women with hair similar to mine. Guess that is how I ended up finding your videos.

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