Seriously though, I had ZERO length retention in 2017 🙁 This made me super super sad!

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I’m starting a natural hair growth challenge to see how long my hair can grow in 3 months. I will be starting another round in July and again in September. Let’s see how long my hair can get in one year!!! Yes?

1. Comment down below and tell me all about your natural hair struggles
2. You must be in SA to win
3. Winners will be announced Wednesday 25th April 2018

1. Take a picture of your hair
2. post the picture and the details of your length check on Instagram
3. tag me @kopanotheblog and @nichehaircare

Here are my guidelines for creating your own growth routine:
1. Understand Your Curls
2. Moisture Is Key
3. Protect Your Ends
4. Take care of your scalp
5. Be Gentle with your hair

1. Protect your hair for 4-6 weeks at a time
2. Keep your hair loose for 1 week in between protective styles
3. Do Protein treatments every 1-2 months
4. Deep moisture treatments monthly
5. Condition weekly
6. Write everything down
7. Water Sprits daily

Goodluck, let’s grow long, strong and healthy hair!!!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  1. Faith Modjadji says:

    My natural hair struggle is dryness. my hair is so dry all the time. I’ve tried multiple oils but I just haven’t been able to find an oil that really works well with my hair. Another thing I struggle with is length retention I think it is probably because of how dry my hair is, it just breaks off when ever I comb it I experience so much shedding

  2. Rati Moletsane says:

    Hey Kopano. ❤️My natural hair struggles include tons of split ends, I was so afraid of my hair being touched by someone other than me that I tried to cut the split ends off myself and it worked for a while, but then they came back and my goodness I got so frustrated that I cut it all off. I’d been natural for about 3 years and big chopped twice. Struggle number 2 is that my hair sheds, a lot and I have trouble finding a good conditioner and deep conditioner for my hair. Love you and your channel, it’s very detailed and understandable. ?❤️ My birthday is tomorrow BTW, the 19th of April (just saying) ?

  3. Katleho Mphuthi says:

    Hi Kopano, beautiful as always. Its been a year and 4 months since i had the big chop, i struggle alot with detangling my hair, every time in the morning when i try to unravel my twist outs or braid outs, huge chunks of hair just fall off, and i thought it was normal but i know its not since you said it shows damage. I try to moisturize as frequently as possible but my hair is always dry and has knots. I will definitely try protein treatments, and spritz everyday with water and moisturize to improve my hair.

  4. kgomotso maluleke says:

    Hey kopanotheblog i am *@coilyme_natural* on instagram and I am 10 months into my natural hair journey. Firstly I love your channel and your tips as I am still kind of new into this hair journey. On to the giveaway:

    I struggle the most with a dry and itchy scalp and that might be due to the fact that I do not like basing my scalp with oils and creams because I don’t like product build-up. Looking forward to tips on how to manage this itchy scalp.

  5. kink.koily.keitumetse says:

    Hi kopano. My natural hair struggle is breakage and receding hairline ???. Before I went natural I used to blow dry my hair a lot and used to do straight up which affected my hairline a lot. That’s when I decided to go natural. It’s starting to recover slowly but surely. I have really thick and dry 4c hair so it’s really hard to comb and it breaks a lot. My hair is always dry no matter how much I moisturize/condition it. Lately I haven’t been feeling good about my hair and I want to improve at that. I always wanna to improve in caring for my hair by bieng more consistent and creating a proper hair care regimen which I must follow. I’m still learning about caring for my hair and trying out new products.

  6. kink.koily.keitumetse says:

    My other struggle is learning to love my hair even on days when I don’t. Also I want to focus on my hair journey and not compare it to anyone else because nobody has the same hair as me and to be patient with my hair. I’m still learning that.

  7. Palesa Lenyatsa says:

    Hey Kopano my hair is struggle is dryness, itchy scalp & my hair has too much knots, I have tried so many products but nothing is working so far & my hair tangles a lot, have split ends I have trimmed but still nothing has changed, I even feel like I should go back to relaxed hair because my hair is not growing.

  8. Khataza Mbhombhi says:

    This video is so inspiring wow. Congratulations in your partnership with niche and DESIGN ESSENTIALS…My natural hair struggle is that my edges aren’t growing, My hair does not have enough volume and it’s very thin. (It doesny have the natural affect unless its in a bun) Sometimes my hair doesn’t shrink like it’s supposed to when I use water, it just stays straight. I also struggle with length retention for about 2 years now. My hair tends to shred alot when I remove protective styles and it’s very dry most times. I would do protective hairstyle for 4 weeks and expect to see results and it stays the same. That time I have been natural for 3 years.

  9. Ntengo Memela says:

    If there was an award for “best explanatory” YouTuber you would take it! The way you explain makes every easier?
    For the giveaway:
    I have a flaky sculp, breakage and length retention issue. Long term hairstyles like braids don’t really last long because by the end of week 1 of the hairstyle my sculp would flake and I wouldn’t feel comfortable rocking the style (money wasted). I got discouraged ?On the breakage side, I have a problem with om strand knots because I have really coily 4c hair. #4cstruggles?
    Length retention is also a problem, I can’t remember a time in my life where my hair grew past my ear lobe and it’s frustrating, it’s just stuck and everytime I end up doing the big chop? Legnth retention has been my major issue.

  10. Sinenhlanhla Dzanibe says:

    Hey Kopano I love how informative your videos always are. I have been natural for 3 months and I am still learning to take care of my crown the right way. My hair seems brittle and it’s breaking so bad??. I’ve had hairline probs since the days of Adam and Eve but I now stay away from things that will pull my hair or damage it with heat. I’ve also been using JBCO. I’d also like to improve on length retention coz it grows after protective styles and then breaks, so back to square one.???

  11. ugwucallista ogochukwu says:

    Hello dear, I am a year and five month natural and I have experienced so many set backs. First from damaged ends, I did a major trim January and my hair feels and looks healthy now but I have been struggling with length retention. Not only that I have been searching for products that would suite my hair and am still trying.

  12. Feziwe Bhengu says:

    Hey Kopano ♥️! My hair journey started about 4 years ago and in the early stages everything was fine. With hair, comes a lot of work but my 4c hair is a full time , 9-5, no sick leave kind of job ??‍♀️. Since last year, I’ve been struggling with hair retention as well. To add onto that, my hair is constantly dry. It’s as if I’ve never put any product on my hair. To my surprise, my hairline has generally been well managed. I don’t do protective hairstyles one after the other but as of recent, my hairline seems to be receding just a bit. I love my fro, I just need her to love me back ??

  13. Hey Gabster says:

    Hmm so true when the my hair is damaged or dehydrated it breaks and I can tell its breakage cause the fallen hair is short meaning its the tips breaking off and not shedding….All the best with the challenge I can’t wait for the results this plan is pretty sound:)

  14. Desiree. G says:

    This tips are so vital! I started my journey about 1 year ago, transitioned for a year before that. I struggle with hectic breakage, so much so that it’s causing hair to thin. My edges also went through trauma last year and I’m in the process of growing them back. Things are going back slowly but it’s such a slow process and it takes so long to grow back that it’s sometimes disheartening :(. But I’m going to be positive and looking forward to see what’s in store for me on this journey.

  15. Didy xo says:

    Your timing he! Your how I do things series really helped me because I wanted to stay away from some protective styling. I used to have a lot of shredding and dryness but after investing in wigs and really taking the LOC method seriously even with my low porosity hair, I barely have any shedding. but even with such healthy moisturized hair, I still don’t see any growth in length and the frustration is really getting to me. I think I really need this challenge. Thank you Kopano?
    And yes hair grease is fantastic, I’d personally recommend Virgin hair fertilizer, it’s made my hair so thick and healthy. What type of protective styles can you condition in? I love spritzing water on my hair, like I can feel my strands rejoicing lol and the his diary? I like the idea. i really just want to see some length sis?
    Thank you thank you Kopano??

  16. Buhle Nhlangothi says:

    Ohk I’ve been natural since July 2014 and I don’t think my hair length is where it’s supposed to be ?. Everytime I wash and condition my hair, I experience breakage and it’s so sad seeing my hair break so easily. I do need to moisture more though and be gentle when dealing with my hair.

  17. lerato mavuso says:

    Hey Kopano.. First things first congrats on your partnership with the two amazing brands… You are doing the things girl.. Secondly I know I may be off topic but girl your skin has made such an improvement,so excited about that.. Now going into the hair…. *sigh* so Iv always had relaxed hair.. My mom took care of my hair and it was long and healthy.. But when I became my own person a d started taking care of my own hair I used to plat a lot and never took care of my hair.. I would plat, unplayable and plat again.. No one knew my hair hair coz I always had a style.. Soft dread, weave, box braids, twists.. You name it, I had it.. My hair obviously got damaged.. Hairline was gone, brittle and thin hair with zero volume and it was the same length. So even with all those styles and plating continuously, it was not growing .. So in January 2018 I decided to completely cut of my hair.. Start afresh.. Begin the journey.. It’s been only 3months and I’m stressing.. I don’t know if I’m impatient, paranoid or over thinking things but my hair has not grown at all.. Iv started a regime of spritzing my hair with water, moisturizing and adding oils twice a day.. I then wash my hair once or twice a week and condition it on that wash day.. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong coz I don’t see any grown. What I have noticed though is that on both temporal areas the hair is fewer and it looks like there are patches ???. So to sum it up I’m struggling with hair growth, thickness and these wired patches..

  18. Remo Sikwane says:

    I honestly believe my hair is 4D? it’s so hard to manage, moisture doesn’t last which leaves my scalp flaky(dandruff on steroids) ,doesn’t even grow. I would really like for my hair to be flake free and healthy. Maybe then it will grow at its own pace.

  19. Miriam Maulana says:

    Congrats on the campaign. My hair was struggling from damage after a I bleached it about a year ago. I finally trimmed off the last bit of the damaged ends and I am so ready to see growth. Because of the damage length retention was a mission and a half. I am now on an amazing road to recovery and it’s so exciting. I want to build a new routine for my hair that will unlock my growth

  20. Lufuno Ramagadza says:

    Hey Kopano 

    Thank you for initiating this challenge, it will be great to do it with you and to see the results thereof. Definitely the kind of motivation I need right now!
    I’ll be natural for 5 years in September this year. I realized that I haven’t retained a lot of length either. My hair has been shoulder length for about two years and I have also noticed the breakage in the basin and all over the house on wash days.
    I used to protective style my hair a lot in the beginning of my journey, normally for 3-5 weeks depending on the style.
    I started experimenting with my hair when it grew longer and I used heat on it regularly, I think that lead to a lot of damage and breakage. I also left my hair out for longer periods. I changed the products I used to use as well, I moved from the more natural products to the ones that have all the bad stuff we should avoid. You mention something important which is knowing your curls and doing what works for them. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and tried products that worked for other people thinking it would have the same effect on my hair and that was not the case. I have cleared those products out of my collection now.
    I would like to see how much length I can retain this year by taking care of my hair properly and getting it to a point where it’s healthy.
    My major problems are breakage and a dry scalp. I have been trying to avoid grease but it seems like the best option to keep the scalp moisturized because it does start inching a lot. I also had split ends but it looks like that problem has been solved since i trimmed my hair professionally.
    Let’s see if we can turn this currently situation around.

  21. Nonceba Grace Mlungwana says:

    After I decided to relax my hair to do a pixie cut in 2015, my hair has never been the same again. I have lost my hairline & I am trying with all that I can to repair it. My hair is extreeeeemely dry & breaks SO FAST ?
    Due to not liking the condition of my hair, I always have braids to hide my natural hair while I’m trying to work on it.

    The big chop is coming soon – in one week. But I will be leaving enough length for protective styling that I’ll keep in for shorter periods with breathing breaks in between.

  22. Zihle Febana says:

    Good Morning Kopano
    i have been natural since last year February. My hair is very dry and shreds a lot. My hair depresses me. I struggle with length retention, moisture and just the way it looks. Protective styles are a challenge for me, after a good week with braids you can already see my curls coming out and looks untidy (ziqatalala). it worse when I have condrows. I’m at a point where I don’t enjoy being natural anymore. Such has affected my self-esteem, I’m constantly worrying about my hair. i have tried EVERYTHING but I’m not getting it right.

  23. Jade Monique Taylor says:

    You’re so pretty “crusty hairline” and all lol. I’m newly natural. My first time ever using my natural 4c hair out. Did my big chop in December. Took the – new year new me to the extreme lol. My current struggle has been curl definition. I’m still trying to figure out which products work best for my hair. I’m at the awkward length now where my hair is too long for sponge curls and too short for most other things. Another big struggle is finding good AFFORDABLE products in SA. good brands like Aunt Jackies and Cantu are definitely NOT cheap lol. My wedding is coming up in 11 days and I’m still not sure what to do with my hair. My fiance loves my natural self as do I so I don’t wanna get a weave or a relaxer. Been tryna experiment with different things and hoping to find something that will work on my big day :)Thanks for the awesome vids!!! Helps a mil <3

  24. Lumka Jwara says:

    I used to keep my hair in two strand twists and that worked out well for me. Then I started also leaving my hair out more than before and now I am paying for it. Experiencing some breakage and lack of protein(diet change). Iv trimmed my hair but the knots ?. Anyway ama go back to what used to work. Protective style and keep my fro undercover because that’s how I gained a lot of length. What style enables you to condition?? I need to know because I am looking at what protective style I can do for a month.

  25. Queen Vuvu says:

    I have 2 struggles with my natural hair, dryness and length retention. My hair is easily hydrated by it’s very quick to dry out again

  26. Latasha Rhodes says:

    I’ve decided to just rock a stretched fro its pretty easy to maintain i wash it oil it braid it up and pick out band it up with hair ties place a bonnet over it at night pick it out in the morning band it up each night and wash it about every 3 days I’m calling it the fro and go ? its an over night thing not actually a wash and go

  27. kristy gamira says:

    Girl let me tell you something… as beautiful as our hair is it, it gives the most GRIEF.. I’ve been attempting to be natural since i was in Form 1 or 2 (Grade 8 or 9) and im in my third year of varsity now,.. I done did eeeeverything my mama done told me and the FALSE african hair myths that have been passed down generations for only God knows why coz they don’t work (e.g “keep your hair dirty”, “pull real hard and it will literally get pulled out your scalp” :”D

    ANYWAY, besides everything i tried not working, i naturally do have brittle hair, its too soft.. like if i relax i look bald kinda soft… throughout my high school life i just did everything i could to cover it up.. as soon as i take out a hairstyle, the very next day im getting braids done. i was stuck in THAT AWKWARD PHASE for YEARS and my confidence was just inexistant.. i thought i looked weird with my chubby cheeks and all (/_-)

    Im so happy to say that in the past year i have really grown my hair and managed to retain some length without breaking the bank too much lol (student life).. this week i wore my actual hair outside my four walls 😀 and people were actually staring – the good stares not the “what in the hell she think she doing” stares lol

    i feel amazing..

  28. Nosipho Hlongwane says:

    Hey Kopano the blog my hair struggle is uncontrollable ends I end up cutting my hair every 2 months. Which hinders my hair growth

  29. Ntengo Memela says:

    hey hey…do you believe in the idea that our hair can’t grow to shoulder length and or longer if not longer. You know when people say “cha awunazo inwele” or “awuphiwanga” when it comes to hair? Because for the longest time I’ve been getting those words and I accepted that which meant when my hair reached a certain length it was dome growing and I’d cut it and start the cycle of regrowth.

  30. WayBackJay says:

    My hair has been the same length since I big chopped in 5th grade(very little progress over the years). I’m now in 9th grade and found out a couple of months ago my hair is damaged very badly. I decided that I’m going big chop again once school is out and give time for me to figure of what my non damage hair likes. I feel like I went in the natural hair world with out knowing what to do.

  31. Luyolo Ntshinka says:

    Congrats on your partnership.I have been natural since August 2017. My hair loses moisture very quickly, sheds when removing protective styles and dandruff sneaks in(I am the queen of dandruff). My hair line slowly running away from me.  I am in the process of coming up with a new routine and see what happens. Maybe I will incorporate my routine with the challenge.

  32. Letlotlo Mathema Manong says:

    I watched your How Braid your Hair Video and I can finally say I can braid and I can wash them and they wouldn’t fall off like before ? Thank You ❤️??

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