Hello hunies! Here is a guide for products for your Hair Porosity.

Honey Treatment video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LrKPTpbbag&t=213s

How to Deeply moisturise Natural hair:

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  1. Noxolo Bhengu says:

    I was once told not to mix products and I’m really not about that life, I prefer mixing what works for my hair instead of buying a whole set that might not benefit my hair. Anyway I have high porosity hair and it seems that I’m on the right track. I use the organics 2 in 1… I also have the native child milk & honey and the native child Shea Butter…. I’ve been using castor oil to seal I’ll try out one of the oils you’ve recommended.

  2. Wanga Mzileni says:

    I have a low porosity hair so most of the time when I take my shower I don’t use a shower cap just so I can get the steam or when I have time I put a towel in hot water and wrap it around my head for 15 minuets or so

  3. Tswaragano Mashiloane says:

    Sis you’re definitely in your element, thanks so much. This was quite helpful, especially as a low porosity girl, will definitely try them ??????

  4. nomfundo qhekeka says:

    I’ve been locking with the Jamaican castor oil, oops I’ve been a bad girl yaz. Thank you Yolz always informative

  5. ZIMI BUTHU says:

    You really plug us with good products and hair tips thank you Yolz…..I use the Dark and Loverly Naturale products after I saw you do a video about the products I went to purchase and my hair is beautiful and soft I get compliments all the time. Your channel is great

  6. zinhle zwane says:

    thanks yolz…am low porosity girl am looking for a hair buttter.I want to try whipped cream shea butter by native child and am getting that dark and lovely conditioner since my organics are finished!

  7. jay99754 says:

    I honestly for the life of me cant figure out my parosity. When i use the curling cream from afro botanics and the Shea moisture leave in conditioner i feel like it dries out my hair, idk why. Iv tried using it before the oils and after the oils but still. Any advice?

  8. Mbali Mbili says:

    kusho ukuthi I’m on the right track, lama products for high porosity hair that you mentioned iwo engiwasebenzisayo. Thank you for such an informative video Yolenda. You look absolutely stunning?

  9. nokwazi prudence says:

    Notification Bang….thanks for the video love i feel like this video is personally meant for me I’ve been looking for low porosity products since my natural products are running out will definitely check those???

  10. khethiwe hlatshwayo says:

    Im a low porosity and i used the dark and lovely moisturizer. It left my hair coarse and dry so I switched to Cantu and im very happy.

  11. Sabi Khathide says:

    Firstly, the camera quality is on another level and you look so beautiful.
    So I use design essentials and afrobotanics, just not sure what perosity I fall under. All I know is that my scalp is extremely dry and my hair breaks. I was told this is normal for afro hair, but I just dont like to see so much hair on the comb than my head. Thank you for this information. It will help me a great deal.

    How do we get native child products?

  12. Vuyisanani Mpayipheli says:

    Hey Yolz i have low porosity hair and I am using native child shampoo and Shea Butter Aunty Jackie’s leave-in conditioner but my hair still feels dry i do the whole water spritz thing but yho it still feels supper dry

  13. Faith Mokiba says:

    Thank you, always learn something new each time I watch your videos. But how will I know if my hair’s porosity is high or low ?

  14. Palesa Molorane says:

    Au Naturale shrinks my hair like crazy, I just stick to virgin coconut oil from lifestyle food, would that mean I have low porosity?

  15. Sebenzile Maseko says:

    I love that dark and lovely shampoo even though it has sulfates. It cleans my hair and leaves it feeling very soft. I have always wanted to try the design essentials range so I am definitely gonna get in there?

  16. Kelebogile Mabokatshaba says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I’ve been watching low porosity product videos but they’re all from America. This is great. Carry on giving us amazing content ??‍♀️❤️

  17. Thato Gracie says:

    Hi Yols. My scalp is normally painful after a few days of having washed it, can you give me an idea of why this happens

  18. Sisanda Sigenene says:

    Thank you for this video Yolz. Can you use these products in a relaxed hair? And what is the difference between the leave in conditioner and a moisturizer?

  19. Lerato Tots says:

    Shuu wow that was really helpful. Thank you Yolz. I started using the My natural moisturising butter after your review (and stopped using the Au natural one because ibiphela emoyeni mntase ibengathi akhange ndithambise), and I LOVE IT!! It’s super moisturising, and I don’t have to reapply it twice a day ?

    Thanks sis, lots of love from mwa ???❤?????

  20. Kgothatso Moerane says:

    Design essentials is so good. Yhu pricey, but I can’t get over their leave in conditioner and shampoo. Will have to try dark and lovely soon!

  21. Nandipa Manciya says:

    ‘if you’re that person who always comes here and watch my videos and haven’t subscribed? Today don’t be that person’ ?????? guys ndibanjiwe namhlanje !!!!! I’m done Subscribing ?✊✊

  22. Samkele Dandala says:

    I’m low porosity and super sensitive to coconut oil. I tried the hair juice but there was too much coconut oil. Lo po is atruggle?. Dark and lovely shampoo and conditioner and the Tresemme botanique the best.

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