Hello hunies! Let’s breakdown: What is hair porosity & How to test your hair’s porosity!

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  1. Kim Mkosana says:

    Notification gang✨ and this video is so useful thank you sm?
    Please do the next video on the products for the different hair porosity levels

  2. Frieda Nelao Lukas says:

    Notification gang !!! Hi Yolz , I have low porosity…
    kindly advise on the products that would best suit my hair.

    Thank you
    Love Frieda ??

  3. Nonhle Mkhize says:

    I did the porosity test and my hair was floating, when I pushed it down it stayed down for approximately 10 minutes and started to float again…


    I personally don’t trust the hair porosity test,simply because water has very strong surface tension due to its hydrogen bonds. So when small substances like hair are placed on water,they will just float. This is the reason why mosquitoes and flies are able to “walk” on water.
    But I’ve never done it before and I may be wrong?‍♀️

  5. Noxolo Bhengu says:

    Thank you, I just did the test and my hair dropped down immediately. Please do a video on the products to use on each hair type.

  6. Vuyisanani Mpayipheli says:

    Recommendation of products would be helpful please because I have dry hair and I recently started using native child products

  7. Rixongile Chauke says:

    I’ve been waiting for this video??. Please do a part 2 on South african hair products suitable for each hair porosity. I’m a lo-po and the only products I know that are suitable for my hair is Native child’s light oils(avocado oil,sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil) and their mosturiser

  8. Madelynn Gordon says:

    Great video! A video on the type of hair products for the different hair types yes please. How do I get rid of product build up?

  9. Gean Ramatsetse says:

    Hi Yolanda, started yesterday with my transition from relaxed to natural hair.

    I’ve co washed with TRESemmé BOTANIQUE conditioner, applied my moisturizer (African Triple Butter: AFROBOTANICS) & didn’t have a hair grower in a form of butter so; I’ve used olive oil to lock all the moisture then covered my hair (after twisting it out) for about an hour.

    my question is, was it okay to use olive oil?,

    secondly, what products can I use to deep condition my hair?,

    and lastly, do I have to use a shampoo before co washing or I can just use a conditioner only?

    your response will be highly appreciated?

  10. Tinotenda Jeche says:

    Hey Yolz ,we would like a video of whereby you shows products suitable for the porosity of the hair

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