Hey loves, Boits and I are giving some chatty tips about dealing with hairline problems and build-up while you’re in a protective style!


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  1. Snowy xo says:

    New subbie…..yaaay!
    Okay before I finish this video, I just cut my hair beginning of the year (inspired by you) but now I’m thinking of dyeing it gray…what’s your take on this?
    Love you, thanks.

  2. Nokhaya Ngwenya says:

    Those salon ladies are the reason I have trust issues. I learned how to do my own braids. I’m still perfecting my cornrows. I wig alot so when I don’t have time to cornrow I just benny and betty myself.
    I love your videos

  3. Keamogetswe Motlhodi says:

    Yolz your hair info has been a great help since I cut my hair and decided to go all natural (no more relaxing)… but now my super curly thick hair seems to fall out more than when it used to be relaxed everything I comb it… do you have any suggestions to curb this?

  4. Kopano The Blog says:

    Haha the way you have perfected your intro, you forgot Boits!!!! hahaha. I love you collabs. I needed this specially since im protecting my hair all year around this year. Let’s see if I’ll get as consistent as Boits.

    P. s I’ve never tried aloe vera either, i’ll try it out soon!

  5. melanin_duchess _ says:

    I did my big chop in November and when I went to do fulani braids the lady pulled my hair so much my scalp now has sores(she wouldn’t listen when I told her to be gentle and to leavey edges alone cause I’m a teenager)

  6. muhle magwentshu says:

    i have a huge problem with build up naturally and i have dreadlocks so i will try this tea tree soap….this video was very helpful….ow and finally i have watched all your video’s now i can join the notification crew yeeyyy!!

  7. Sheila Ndinda says:

    It’s so nice seeing the two of you together ( my fav SA vloggers ) lol. I agree it’s so important to wash and care for our hair while still rocking a protective style. See you soon beautiful xx

  8. Euginia Maputle says:

    Lol? The struggle is real for naturals at salons – that’s why I braid my own hair and do everything myself…I only trimm my ends at the salon

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