We’re doing it again, and Looking forward to seeing you!

Last years event last year December was such a hit, the community have been begging for another one! We still cant get over how phenomenal it was to create a space where everyone experienced something new!

We loved that it was a first for many of our guests, and a perfect entry into a market most brands haven’t been able to market in. Definitely an empowering and connecting!


As before, this is a completely free event for guests, and its success depends on the partnerships we are able to harness with each other. The vendor fees have been kept as low as possible, to encourage sponsorship in the form of product hampers for competitions that stimulate participation, samples for gift bags and gifts.

Sign up here to register as a vendor


Nyaki Tshabangu

An aspiring visionary with an ornate love of natural hair plants, hand luggage traveling, and podcasts

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