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  1. Mogau Maroga says:

    Just a little heads up, please find out on the prices of the products you using, since we also want to know if its within our price range. ?

  2. Thandile Fassi says:

    Hey Sino. SiNatural?. I just wanted to know – when you say you spray your hair with water everyday (sometimes even morning & night). Each time you do do you follow it up with oil/shea butter mix/whatever else? Or sometimes it’s just water nje only?

  3. Ayanda Makhanya says:

    Love the lewk and make-up ♥️♥️. In terms of length of video shuu! Quite long hey, maybe fast forward some parts? But otherwise loooove your video.

  4. sinazo mangxola says:

    Notification gang gang, ??‍♀️

    I’m halfway through the video but just wanted to say this before ndilibale. Please find out the prices of the products you use on your videos especially on tutorials. I got annoyed everytime you said you don’t know the prices cause I want to try some of these products but don’t wanna waste time by finding prices first then end up not buying cause they’re too pricey for me. You can put them down on the description box when you upload the video if you didn’t know them when shooting.

    Also, I agree with the comment of videos being too lengthy. I always look forward to your uploads but also I don’t wanna sit through a 30 minute tutorial on hair and make-up, I think that’s too long for me. Maybe try editing some things out or making your intros or outros shorter.

    Otherwise, I loooooove the natural hairstyle without any gel. I mean what’s the point of being a natural if you’re always laying down your hair?!


  5. TRUST RAPETA says:

    My natural hair is medium length, not sure if I can do this hairdo but will definitely try the makeup… Love it love it love it ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Lerato Mashiloane says:

    Thanks for the video, love the tips.

    But yeah…” Saying I don’t know ” makes an impression that you’re ignorant.

    I get that most of the make up you use is sponsored but doing a bit of research on the prices would be more valuable.

  7. Edj Manning says:

    You did a great job. Don’t worry about your video being long you give great natural content. What are you using to make your eyebrows grow back? Thanks

  8. Anita roji Anie says:

    Hi Sino, do you ever stretch your hair for the day and as the day goes by it shrinks and the hairstyle no longer looks the same? I have that problem, I’m not sure if its a problem though but yeah, I’d be attending an event with strecthed hair and within an hour or two the hair is no longer the same.

  9. Sne Msane says:

    “Please watch it in two parts if you can” ? WHY babes??? I’m here for the entire 30min. Everything will just have to wait ? absolutely love your content Sino. Your so so real. We appreciate you hun ?


    Am I the only one that’s not bothered by the videos being long…I enjoy watching you and I look foward to these videos ❤️

  11. Lulu 'Fierce says:

    Sino babes even if you get it for free …do the homework and get the prices love …ALL the other influencers do it too,literally ALL!!!!!Whether it’s free or not…please sisi…that extra effort will make life so much easier for us your subbies.

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