Hubby gives his honest opinion about natural hair, relaxed hair and weave.

I hope you enjoy it huns!

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  1. Andiswa Gumede says:

    I love you and your hubby. You’re lovely to watch together. I really don’t like this tag in general, I feel like we always looking for approval when it comes to our hair constantly. and as you said Yolz “it’s just hair”. that’s just my personal opinion

  2. Independent Sunset says:

    Damnnnn the way he looks at you like a little kid fantasising about icecream. Its just written all over his face. ????

  3. Hey Gabster says:

    This was really fun and he was pretty honest which was refreshing and kids will always want things as you say as long as they are not replacing who they are

  4. Kopano The Blog says:

    haha the maintenance!!! haha
    I love Q&A! I like this, and he is so honest! You should do another one, rapid fire Q&A!

  5. She King Lifestyle Vlog says:

    So happy about your 2k subscribers. ? Remember watching a vid where you were dedicating the vid to all your 45 subscribers and you still gave your all since then and you continue to do so now. So inspirational! Always behind you! Give us more vlogs please! Your laugh is so contagious ?

  6. A Girazi Thing says:

    we will beat him if he says something i oppose haahahah i love you guys more videos together please you guys are so cute

    weave i must try those never tried i always have braids


  7. LIFE AS WE KNOW IT says:

    Hi Yolanda. I recently started watching your work and must say I love your personality.

    I have been recording for some but been struggling to find a good video editor. What do you use for your videos?
    please share πŸ™‚

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