How do you do?

“Day 6 Hair? I barely get my styles to look like that on Day 3! How do you keep that hold?!”

Well, in this post, I address this question and give you tips on how to keep your twist-outs, perm-rod outs, flexi-rod outs, looking phly and healthy with great hold for at least one full week. As always, I will try to be as concise and clear as possible ?

Let’s get right into it:

  1. It’s a must to work with damp hair.
  2. Stick to oils when moisturizing.
  3. Make sure it’s the right size.
  4. Keep your styling tools in for long.
  5. Stay away from water-based products.
  6. Be careful how you wrap & sleep on your curls.
  7. Avoid manipulation during the day.

Work with damp hair!

Make sure to only add the styling tools when the hair is damp, not completely wet, and not close to dry either. This ensures that the form of the curl dries with your hair.

Stick to oils when moisturizing

What do I mean here?  I use the LOCO method for moisturizing. That stands for Liquid (water), feeder Oil, Conditioner (leave-in), & sealant Oil. This is the order I moisturize my hair in on wash day. Check out my full post on moisturizing here. The crucial step in achieving good hold is the last ‘O’. I’ve found great sealants to be coconut oil, shea butter, and castor oil. The reason I say this is because other peeps use creams as the last step before applying styling tools. When I’ve done this, I’ve encountered more frizz and styles that only last about 3 days. The oils I’ve mentioned seal in the moisture you’ve given the hair and tame your cuticles, laying them down therefore reducing the chance of frizz, and humidity quickly affecting your hair.

Also note, I don’t use gels. Most people will swear by the ECO styler gels etc. I’ve tried them, but they didn’t do it for me. I’m the type of naturalista that hates product build-up (and flaking), and I find for my hair type, these kinds of gels do nothing but. If you have a different experience and tips, do share in the comments!

Make sure it’s the right size

Short hair means smaller rods and the inverse for longer hair. Seems simple, but I see a lotta peeps with TWAs (teeny-weeny-afros) using 15mm rods. C’mon ya’ll. Finding only bigger ones at your local beauty store, doesn’t mean smaller ones don’t exist. Be patient, search for what will be worth your money and time. You can find rods and curlers that start at about 5mm. And yes, you guessed it, you will see better definition and longer hold for styles were made with the right size tool.

Keep your styling tools in for long

Keeping in your rods, or flexi-rods, or twists in for longer than that “Okay, they’re dry” moment usually sets the hair and curls better and elongates the duration of your hold (P.S. heatless drying). Generally, my rods in are in over-night, from about 9pm, to at least about 8am. Due to the fact that I want my styles to last me the longest time, I will plan accordingly and make sure to not take those damn things down for a couple of hours past ‘they’re dry’ ? . Having your hair stretched and curled and left in this state for a while, really elongates your hold after take down.

Stay away from water-based products

So around day 3, is when I generally start adding some moisture to my hair. I DON’T DO WATER-BASED product lol! Can’t stress this enough! Contrary to popular belief, there ARE some oils that can be applied to directly to dry hair, and actually moisturize the hair. One of them is coconut oil. If you are one of those who are allergic, do a bit of research I’m sure there’s an alternative. So in between wash days I apply some coconut oil to add some moisture and shine to my hair. Hair still feels soft, moisturized and not straw like – a significant benefit of that LOCO method I used on wash day. Water-based product (creams), will shrink your hair as does water almost instantly!

Be careful how you sleep on your curls

This is one of the most important steps to consider. The picture below better illustrates how I wear my scarf at night. Explanation ensues… Essentially, you want to avoid friction between your hair and pillow (we all know the satin scarf holy grail story), and at the same time you want to only cover the areas that will be touching the pillow – that will obviously be the sides and back of your head, not the top, right? Hence why I will then make sure to leave the top open & push the hair up and out. The benefit of this technique is that, even though it is inevitable that the sides will flatten out faster than the hair that’s stuck out of your head wrap, you will still manage to style your hair in amazing updo’s, fro-hawks…you know, styles that flaunt the curls that are still poppin.

how to maintain style hold tooandalee 4chair 4dhair
This is probably Day 10 hair LOL but you get the idea!!

**OH, A SHOWER CAP. Use it! During shower/bath,

the humidity from the steam will kill the curls**

Avoid manipulation during the day

Last but certainly not least, avoid touching and pulling on your hair throughout the day. This will reduce the likelihood of frizz and loss of definition. The only time you should be doing this is in the mornings when you fluff out and style the hair. Simple as that!

If this doesn’t help, then I dunno homie!! ? ? But uhh, I’m pretty sure it will, at least for some you guys! Thanks for poppin in homies. Any questions or article requests, hit me up in the comments below ? Otherwise, share and enjoy!

Peace and Nappy love!

Your Girl,


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