Hello hunies! Let’s make a bentonite clay mask to clarify and soften our natural hair!

The bentonite clay powder and Apple Cider Vinegar are available at Dischem.

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Tech Stuff:
Camera: Canon 1200D
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Lighting: Natural Light
Editing software: iMovie

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  1. Phumeza Manzi says:

    Dude the Bentonite clay is life…I started using it last month my hair just loved it…❤ oooh and ts also Affordable

  2. Tshepiso Tau says:

    I started using the Bentonite Clay last month. I used it emediately after washing my hair so the results were not that great, but like any other nattie we find different ways for our products to work for our hair riiiight?? love the energy??

  3. Ntokozo Ngcobo says:

    I don’t know why I’m scared of Bentonite Clay… I feel like it’ll take AGES to wash it off, as all naturalista’s know if you wash your hair, and shave in 1 shower that’s a 3hour shower…

  4. portia aphane says:

    hey yolz, so my hair was breaking, itching n yoo the dandruff I could take it not 4getting hairline GONE. so I chopped it all. wat can u advice to help with hairline, breakage n itching. HELP

  5. Khrys Clay says:

    I love your tone and your video is very informative. Tip: If you allow the acv to sit on the clay for a couple minutes before you mix it, you will get a much smoother mixture.

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