Hello hunies! Here’s how to deep condition weak, brittle, dry, breaking natural hair for stronger and super moisturised hair.

For great results, leave a deep conditioner in for at least 30mins before rinsing it out.
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  1. Neo KirchBaby says:

    I don’t deep condition but I know I should. Lots of work mommy lol I usually moisturize with leave in conditioner . I don’t have much breakage thank God

  2. Ntombikayise Qwati says:

    I soo love your channel. I have dreadlocks and going to shops seeing all those products makes my heard sore. What can i use for my edges ?

  3. Tshegofatso Thage says:

    I actually thought the GirlBoss hair products are only found online. I am guilty of not deep conditioning? Thanks for the informative video.

  4. Thobeka Thormie Sibiya says:

    Notification gang
    I love you yolz I just wanna say thank you so much my hair has grown is health and strong .
    Thanks so much Ss ngkuthanda kakhulu MakaFezz

  5. Lisa Shwempe says:

    I spray my hair with water mixed with conditioner then apply my conditioner and detangle. I put them into 2 strand twists as well and sleep or put my shower cap and doek on top, if it’s during the day. After atleast 6 hrs, I wash my hair and lock in the moisture with olive oil and Shea butter.

  6. Elizabeth Mukulu says:

    I use to deep conditioning my hair 2/3 times a month but lately ,i have been so lazy .The breakage that i m experiencing currently its unbearable.

  7. Thato Motene says:

    I find it easier if I spray a bit of water on my hair( to make it a bit damp) first and then apply the deep conditioner. Generally handling my hair is easier after spraying some water on it.

  8. aphelele buthelezi says:

    If your hair is too short to twist it what do you do?? Will the conditioner have effect even if it’s not twisted?

  9. Gelliza Gelliza says:

    I use egg and hecules castor oil every week,, for me it conditions and its a protein treatment at the same time. Never done a deep conditioner coz i cnt afford it.

  10. Siphokazi Mato says:

    I normally use Nilotiqa products, those loooove my hair absolutely!
    But they ran out so I’ve been using Originals shampoo and ORS conditioner.
    I deep condition for 1 hour, idk if that is adequate?? I’ll def try air drying my hair before applying the conditioner next time.
    I go in with the Cantu leave in conditioner because my hair is absolutely dry.
    However I do think I need a new oil and hair butter after doing your hair porosity test (i have low porosity); the black Jamaican castor oil and My Natural butter do not absorb as nicely as the Nilotiqa hair butter used to. But I need to finish them because I spent money on them after all?

    P.S: your hair looks amazing, you look amazing nje?

  11. Linda Mdlokolo says:

    I just checked the Girl Boss deep conditioner at Game store (online) but I can’t find it. Please share a link of their site ?

  12. Fiona Kessy says:

    Hie Yolz thanks for a great video. Towards the end of the whole process you mentioned about putting oil and creme yea, what type of oil and creme do you use as leave in

  13. Samkelisiwe Vana says:

    I bought deep conditioner @ R95afro botanics, it will be my first time this week doing the deep conditioning process.

  14. Afika Mbeje says:

    I try deep conditioning but not as often as I want. I think I use too much deep conditioner, looking at how much you use. But my hair doesn’t feel nice when I put it on. I think if feels kind dry during and afterwards.

  15. Yolanda Ngumbela says:

    Hi, where can i get that silk cap thingy you put over your plastic shower cap? Also, whats the name of the oil you added to the deep conditioner or does Boss girl only have 1 oil?

    P.S Thank you for this Vid, found it very informative.

  16. Dolian Mlangeni says:

    So I use the afro botanics deep conditioner and it contains sulphate now I am scared to use it.Must I keep on using it?

  17. Dolian Mlangeni says:

    After I deep condition my hair become extremely dry after a few day even if I do the loc process it is still dry.I do not know what to use anymore????

  18. Mmetja Machoga says:

    The more I come back to this channel , the more courage I get to re-grow my fro… had to chop my last one due to frustration and lack of knowledge ! I love love this channel so much ❤️ !! Life changing

  19. Akhona Sangqu says:

    Semhle maka Fez. So where can I purchase an Aloe Vera juice to add in my spritz bottle ? Just got home on my way from work popped in at Dischem, but could only find Nature’s choice, the consumable one??

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