Easy step by step tutorial on how to achieve neat 2 strand twists on course natural hair. As you know, I have tightly coiled, 4c hair. These were my first 2 strand twists and I loved them. It took me a while to get used to it but once I got the hang of it, I never wanted to let them go.

So I’ve included a GIVEAWAY to this video, It’s fun with a twist. Make sure you watch the whole video, trust me, you don’t want to miss a single thing.

Rules: Count the number of times that I saw the words “flat twists” and put your answer in the comment section down below. You have to be in South Africa to stand a chance to win.

Winner will be announced Tuesday 17th April 2018. GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Boo'hle M says:

    Hi dear, your notification made my study break even better❀️

    GIVEAWAY : you said “FLAT TWIST ” 4 times in the beginning of the video ?

  2. Yolz Channel says:

    Lol! No they don’t look like little worms on your head! Love the lippie and it goes so well with your backdrop. Lol…let me stop commenting and start counting…

  3. ugwucallista ogochukwu says:

    You said flat twist 4 times when the style tutorial started. But for the whole video, you said it 6 times. One at the beginning before you announced the give away and one at the end when you said “guess what flat twist” then the remaining 4 you said during the tutorial of the style. Totaling 6 for the entire video

  4. Khataza Mbhombhi says:

    Darling I absolutly like your video because you expain in such great detail. the strech and twist and twist and swap is quiet informative. so listening is a skill. I heard the word “FLAT TWIST” through out the whole video 7 times.

  5. Nsindiso Mabaso says:

    I’ve tried them before, at first hebana they looked like little onion tails. But i let them stay about a week …i loved them. the twist out was bomb!! i loved them, i still do them they are very convenient. they are so cute… you are so beautiful…

  6. kgomotso maluleke says:

    They look very amazing and I love how you show us step by step. on to the competition. You said “‘flat twist” 4 times!!! Hope to win *fingers crossed*

  7. Jaxx Pri says:

    Hey Kapano! Love the video! I’ve watched a few more from your channel. I’m currently growing my hair, it’s in cornrows right now and around half the length of yours. Soon I want to try this twist method. Thanks for sharing. Also I produce music instrumentals for a few genres. If you need FREE UNIQUE music for your videos I’d be glad to help you out! Here’s my email: JaxxPri@gmail.com

  8. Lufuno Ramagadza says:

    Hey Gorgeous, including the time you spoke about the giveaway, I heard “flat twist” a total of 7 times πŸ™‚

  9. tshepiso molatlhegi says:

    Hey Kopano. You said the words “flat twists” seven times throughout the video, including when you mentioned the giveaway

  10. Olebogeng Mabaso says:

    Back in 2015 i had hair loss issues due to stress,once i gathered myself i decided to grow my hair and to take care of it myself. While going through the natural hair journey the first protective style i learnt to do on my own were 2 strand twists (They truly are the easiest to do). My only issue with them is how much shrinkage i experience with them however they are so convenient/flexible (Low maintenance).I love the curl definition they produce when taken down.

    GIVEAWAY: You said “Flat twist” 4 times from the start of the giveaway announcement and 1 more time at the very end (5 times) and a grand total of 7 including the x2 times you said it in your intro- πŸ™‚ This would be a nice birthday gift no lie,it was my birthday yesterday (12 April) πŸ™‚
    Also,wow sis lol i love how you managed to turn your error into a win. The stress of re-shooting an entire video is a lot to deal with shuu lol)

  11. Didy xo says:

    little worms??? before, I was like mini twists? Nahhh but now, I’m rethinking. How do you make everything look so good????!

  12. Rati Moletsane says:

    Hey Kopano. You said flat twists 7 times throughout the whole video. ? I really love you and your channel, I actually learned how to flat twist my hair from your tutorial, so yeah ?.

  13. Belinda Matunda says:

    hahaha loved how you said “Stop die lorrie” met jou lekker stem.

    hmmm let
    me see….
    I think you
    said flat
    twist 6 times.

  14. Mosa Letele says:

    You said the word “FLAT TWIST” 7 times throughout the whole video ?And ONCE at the end (After the outro) so it’s a total of 8 times .??
    Btw , You’re beautiful and your FLAT TWISTS as well??

  15. RSA4cHair RSA4cHair says:

    Hey Kopano you said flat twist 6 times…1 when you mentioned the giveaway,4 times throughout the video and 1 flat twist word was at the end of the video when you said guess what “flat twist”

  16. Ntengo Memela says:

    I watched the video again today to make sure and I’m definitely sure it’s 8 times.
    ??I got everyone in the house counting with me??

  17. Ntengo Memela says:

    I’m gonna a start week 2 of my two strand twists and I feel the same they look better now love them.
    flat twists=8 times?

  18. Hey Gabster says:

    hahahah they look like what hehehehehe…..I love twists protective style just a style nje any time love love they are awesome.

  19. Constance Jonkers says:

    Hey Kopano,really enjoying your videos and tutorials they are helpful for my 4c natural hair:-) @imagegrrl ..From beginning to end you mentioned “flat twists” 6 times.

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