Pressed natural hair

Pressed natural hair

I got my hair professionally silk pressed for the first time ever and I enjoyed my straight hair while it lasted. And I was asking why I would ever need a relaxer when a silk press straightens my hair this well. Surely I don’t. Not that I prefer straight hair, I honestly don’t. I love my kinks so much that’s why I only lasted a week and some change with the straight hair and that was it. The good thing is, high quality products were used on my hair and it was also prepared well for the silk press such that there was no heat damage whatsoever. At least what I can see with my naked eye. My hair reverted back to its kinky state when I washed it. We had a training session at the salon for Design essentials products and those are the ones which were used on my hair.

My natural hair reverted back after washing it

My natural hair reverted back after washing it

First, I had a pre-shampoo which involved getting my head under the steamer, then my hair was washed thoroughly andwhen I say thoroughly, I mean exactly that. My hair was washed guys. Big time. I then had a deep treatment which meant going under the steamer again. My hair was then blow dried using a professional blower and a paddle brush. Of course a heat protectant was used. I don’t let anyone introduce heat to style my hair if there is no heat protectant. My hair already had a lot of movement after the blow drying. If you are following me on Instagram, I’m sure you came across my video where I was swishing my hair from side to side. That was just after the blow drying.

My first silk press ever. Training today with @designessentialssa Shaka. What a day, what a well of knowledge. Thanks for coming through.

After blow drying, my hair was trimmed. This was a first for me as well, to have my hair professionally trimmed. I have always done so myself. My hair was then silk pressed and my, the results, they blew me. I had no idea my hair could be so straight. I enjoyed it so much. I really did. I don’t think my hair had such movement even in my relaxer days. So this was quite an experience. I did a get ready with me video which is below where I show you my straight natural hair and also how I do my face before filming. I was about to start preparing my face for the pressed hair video and I just went, “Wait a minute, how about if I film this as well so I can share with you how I achieve a no make up, make up kind of look.” So I did. I hope you will enjoy this video and find it helpful especially if you are my kind of girl who prefers very light make up which looks like you don’t have any make up on when you actually know you do. Don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe to my channel. That will make my day. Keep smiling and God bless you.


Here are some pictures of my silk pressed hair which were initially share on Instagram already.

My first silk press ever. It was time for change.
All products used here are from @designessentialssa which we got training on and will be using in the hair studio. @natmoisture
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Actually, I’m loving this straight hair. …. Scroll to right for more.
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Realized I don’t stray too far from this look whether my hair is straight on in a twist out. Even in braids. I just tend to go for the default look. Ha ha ha. I hope you’re having a good morning

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